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Insights: Devices used by students 2018

To better understand our users, we collect data to track what devices they use DigiExam with. This data has great value for us since it enables us to respond fast to shifts in OS adoption, as well as be confident when it is time to deprecate older platforms.

With this information at hand, we would like to pay it forward by sharing some of the insights with other people working in the EdTech space, as it can be valuable to know what devices you have to target when building an application for schools.

Platforms used by students

The data set consists of 152 242 devices from 16 different regions that has submitted logs from our Windows, iPad, Chromebook or macOS applications. Major part of the data points are from Sweden, followed by Iceland, Canada, New Zealand, and Israel in size. The US is excluded from the data since it is stored in a separate data set.

All data points have been collected in the last 180 days; after that, this data is automatically anonymized. Anonymization strips the device identifier which is required for the statistics.

Platform usage by students statistics 2018


Windows devices are popular for both Higher Education and K-12, hardly anything surprising there.

Chromebooks are the second most popular devices on K-12 schools, while it is non-existing on Higher Education. It is worth mentioning is that the  data is affected by the fact that Chromebooks need to be centrally managed by the school in order to be usable for our application, and that Higher Education is almost exclusively bring-your-own-device.

macOS devices are very popular in Higher Education while they are less popular on K-12 schools. The cause of this is probably that 1:1 computing programs are common on K-12 schools, while the general policy on Higher Education is bring-your-own-device.

iOS devices are similar to Chromebooks in that they are more popular on K-12 schools than on Higher Education. On K-12, it has a considerate share of the devices while on Higher Education the usage is neglectable.

Looking at the data emphasizes the need to understand what platforms to target for which age group in EdTech. Our approach to target all four platforms with a cross-platform client seems to have paid off to get a high adoption rate of the service. We hope that the insight this data provides can help you take a decision on what platforms to target for your service.

Feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions about this data or want to know more.

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New employee in – A previous teacher with a wide experience in the education sector


Cecilia Vahlin

Head of Higher Education

  • Who is Cecilia?

Originally, she studied to become an elementary school teacher in Swedish and English at Linköping University, and proceeded to teach Swedish for nine years at the International English School in Linköping. Further on she worked at the independent school Erlaskolan in Norrköping, who was one of the early providing their students with  a 1:1 solution, which is one computer per student. Erlaskolan had focus on entrepreneurship and digitization. After a few years, she chose a new direction in the edtech business and became an ICT coordinator at the Education Department in Linköping Municipality. A few years later, she started working at the LMS, itslearning in Malmö. A new colleague with experience within education, digitization, sales, marketing and procurement both within schools, higher education and business world.

  • Why did you choose DigiExam?

Cecilia describes how, for a long time,  she has requested an improved exam scenario for all kinds of education – from universities to companies. When she found DigiExam, she found a technically well-developed, user friendly and intuitive, but above all  a secure environment for users. Usually, it is due to a technical threshold that teachers and managers are resisting to try, or use, new digital tools, but with DigiExam the threshold feels extremely low and the solution is easy to use. Another reason is the ability to use accessibility settings to individualize for those users who benefit from spell check, text-to-speech or extended time, but she believes that all users ,  benefit from being able to use these settings sometimes. 

  • Main goal with your role at DigiExam?

She wants to contribute to improve and develop the examination form on all levels – especially focusing on universities and higher education – in Sweden as well as  the rest of the world.

The foundation of my philosophy is to maximize the outcome of learning  for as many people as possible by offering flexible methods and tools to achieve that. A solution that suits everyone,no matter how you work or what you teach, DigiExam always has functions/features you can use to maximize or optimize your teaching and learning.

  • Vision?

A clear altruistic ideology where she will improve the education sector and hopefully the entire society – Schools and Academies today demand freedom to choose the best tools and combine them with each other – the  days where you chose one single technical solution and adapted the education thereafter, are history. The pedagogical situation shall decide what digital solutions one chooses – and the choice of tool for creating, fulfilling and assessing exams is simple  – DigiExam.

The goal is to provide national and international academies with a secure, time saving and efficient method for teachers and students in terms of taking exams as well as creating and marking them.

We are proud that Cecilia is choosing DigiExam and look forward to see the product develop further with a new colleague  in our team!

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DigiExam växer – Ny medarbetare med lång erfarenhet inom utbildningssektorn


Cecilia Vahlin

Head of Higher Education

  • Vem är Cecilia?

I grund och botten studerade hon till grundskolelärare i svenska och engelska på Linköpings Universitet för att sedan jobba 9 år som svensklärare på Internationella Engelska Skolan i Linköping. Därefter jobbade hon på friskolan Erlaskolan i Norrköping som var tidiga med att  fokuserat köra 1:1 lösning, det vill säga som hade en dator per elev. Där låg fokus på entreprenörskap och digitalisering. Efter ett par år där tog hon en digital riktning inom utbildningssektorn och blev IKT-samordnare på utbildningsförvaltningen i Linköpings kommun. Några år senare började hon arbeta på lärplattformen itslearning i Malmö. Ett tillskott med egenskaper inom utbildning, digitalisering,  försäljning, marknadsföring, upphandlingar mot både skola, högre utbildning och näringsliv, med mera

  • Varför valde du DigiExam?

Cecilia beskriver hur hon i många år har efterfrågat en förbättrad provsituation inom alla former av utbildning – skola såväl som universitet och inom företag. När hon hittade DigiExam kändes det väldigt tekniskt välutvecklad, enkelt och intuitivt men framför allt bra ur en rättsäkerhetsaspekt. Vanligtvis brukar den tekniska tröskeln att snubbla på vara det som fäller digitala verktyg, men med DigiExam känns den extremt låg då det är lätt att komma igång. Möjligheten att använda sig av tillgänglighetsinställningar för att individanpassa för de studenter som gynnas av rättstavning, talsyntes eller förlängd provtid, men hon menar att alla kan ha nytta av att få text uppläst ibland. 

  • Huvudsyftet med din roll på DigiExam?

Att bidra med att förbättra och utveckla examinationsformen på alla nivåer – särskilt med fokus på universitet och högre utbildning – i Sverige och internationellt.  “Grunden i min filosofi är att maximera kunskapen hos så många som möjligt genom att erbjuda smidiga metoder och verktyg för att nå dit.  En lösning som passar alla oavsett hur man arbetar eller vad man undervisar i, har DigiExam alltid några delar man kan nyttja för att maximera lärande och bedömning.

  • Vision?

En tydlig altruistisk ideologi där hon får vara en del i att förbättra utbildningssektorn och samhället som stort – Skolor och lärosäten idag kräver större frihet att få välja de bästa verktygen och att kombinera dessa med varandra – den tid då man valde en enda teknisk lösning och anpassade pedagogiken efter den, är förbi. Pedagogiken ska styra vilka digitala lösningar man väljer – och för digitala prov med genomförande, sambedömning och inkludering är valet självklart DigiExam.

Målet är att ännu fler lärosäten både nationellt och internationellt ska släppa papper och penna, och högar med rättning till förmån för en säker, tidsbesparande och mer tillfredsställande väg till bedömning.

Vi är stolta över att Cecilia valt att arbeta just hos oss och ser fram emot att DigiExam kommer utvecklas ytterligare med en ny kollega i teamet!

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User case: Toronto Preparatory School

 OestProfile (1)

Eric Oest

Director of IT and Head of Science

  • Why did you search for a digital examination tool?

Prior to finding a secure, digital examination tool, here at Toronto Prep School we had been using a mobile computer cart. Teachers had to sign out individual computers for their various tests and there were often conflicts between different teachers’ test dates. This was becoming increasingly unmanageable and many teachers were desperate to find a more convenient solution.

I knew that there had to be a solution that leveraged all of the computers we had in the school (We are a 1 to 1 school). I looked at a number of solutions that were being used by large US colleges, but many of them were prohibitively expensive and/or they involved far too much maintenance.

  • What was your first impression of DigiExam (pros/cons)?

My first impression was overwhelmingly positive. Compared to some of the other solutions that I tried out, DigiExam was more user-friendly, it was easier to implement, and it was less expensive per user. I liked that it was a cloud-based application that teachers could easily integrate with the other applications they were using in their classrooms.

  • What impact has DigiExam had on your classroom?

It has simplified the testing process. Teachers no longer have to worry about having enough computers for students who elect to type their answers. Additionally, students enjoy using it because they are able to get their results sooner. Finally, it shifts the responsibility from the teacher to the student in terms of having the correct materials for a test.

  • How do your students feel about DigiExam?

More and more, students are electing to type their responses rather than writing them on paper. DigiExam makes this process quite easy and so students are happy. I believe that they also like the fact that it works on multiple platforms and the interface is very straightforward.

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