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User case: Toronto Preparatory School

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Eric Oest

Director of IT and Head of Science

  • Why did you search for a digital examination tool?

Prior to finding a secure, digital examination tool, here at Toronto Prep School we had been using a mobile computer cart. Teachers had to sign out individual computers for their various tests and there were often conflicts between different teachers’ test dates. This was becoming increasingly unmanageable and many teachers were desperate to find a more convenient solution.

I knew that there had to be a solution that leveraged all of the computers we had in the school (We are a 1 to 1 school). I looked at a number of solutions that were being used by large US colleges, but many of them were prohibitively expensive and/or they involved far too much maintenance.

  • What was your first impression of DigiExam (pros/cons)?

My first impression was overwhelmingly positive. Compared to some of the other solutions that I tried out, DigiExam was more user-friendly, it was easier to implement, and it was less expensive per user. I liked that it was a cloud-based application that teachers could easily integrate with the other applications they were using in their classrooms.

  • What impact has DigiExam had on your classroom?

It has simplified the testing process. Teachers no longer have to worry about having enough computers for students who elect to type their answers. Additionally, students enjoy using it because they are able to get their results sooner. Finally, it shifts the responsibility from the teacher to the student in terms of having the correct materials for a test.

  • How do your students feel about DigiExam?

More and more, students are electing to type their responses rather than writing them on paper. DigiExam makes this process quite easy and so students are happy. I believe that they also like the fact that it works on multiple platforms and the interface is very straightforward.

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School’s out for Summer – what an academic year!

When we summarize the academic year of 2017/2018 it is with a lot of pride and we would like to begin by acknowledging all our teachers and students for giving us great product feedback and the drive to pursue an even better platform for digital examinations and academic tests.

Here are some of our favorite moments!

Cross-client platform

A cross-client platform was released in October with the purpose to make the DigiExam application used by students, to look, feel and perform the same regardless of the student’s device. Moreover, to facilitate for teachers and invigilators in a mixed device environment.

The 1 2 million mark

In early October we reached a milestone of 1 000 000 handed in exams, which is a lot of papers saved! Now, just 8 months later, we are counting down to doubling that number.

Add media functionality

The Add media functionality has  changed the way teachers use DigiExam in many ways; what initially was used exclusively for high stakes exams now allow a much more variated usage by allowing Youtube videos, Webb sites, Audio files and PDF documents in an exam or assignment.

Text to speech functionality

The text to speech functionality allows students with special accommodations to perform even better in an exam given that they can listen to all the written text in the exam. Also, like the spellcheck functionality giving the teacher the option to allow it for all students in a certain assignment. 


We will continue presenting product news and user cases on our blog, presenting innovative teachers across all fields of education and how they use DigiExam in their field of expertise. 

We wish all our users a great summer and later on a warm welcome back to a new academic year in the greatest business there is, Education!

The DigiExam Team








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