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7 Digital Hacks to Save Teachers Time

It’s no secret that teachers face an uphill battle when it comes to fulfilling all the tasks their role demands of them. With grading, planning, searching for resources, and data management all vying for time and attention, it can often feel like there are not enough hours in the day, week – or even year! Take a moment to check out these 7 digital hacks to help tackle your teaching workload!

1. #Chatting!

Weekly Twitter chats offer access to a global community of education professionals, all sharing ideas and best practices online. Using hashtags such as #EdChat/#UkEdChat, #FutureReady and #EduMatch, you can connect with teachers across the world and gain insight into other schools and practices- all from the comfort of your classroom!

2. Arranging meetings is a Doodle!

Trying to arrange a meeting with multiple people can be a logistical nightmare.  Make planning meetings with parents or teachers simple with Doodle, the free online scheduling tool. Simply head to the website and input possible dates and times, send the link out to all potential attendees and let them choose the dates they prefer. Doodle will then notify you which dates and times are most feasible – with no email chain in sight!

3. Don’t be an E-Snail

Sending the same old emails to colleagues and parents on a daily basis can take up a large chunk of time that could be better spent elsewhere. Combat email brain-drain by creating a couple of email templates based on the emails you send regularly.  Then save them to your drafts folder to be retrieved and simply tweaked whenever they’re needed.

4. TED Talks

If you haven’t heard of TED Talks, then you really need to take a look! This non-profit organization provides short videos on a whole host of subjects; from science to business and global issues, from the world’s leading experts. Particularly useful when attempting to engage students in tricky subjects, and freeing you from spending hours of research making sure you get the details right.

5. Collaboration

By setting up a free online file storage solution such as DropBox or Google Drive, you can collaborate and share resources with other teachers instantly. No need to reinvent the wheel when a fellow teacher is willing to share a fantastic lesson plan or the perfect quiz they’ve created. These resources can be organized according to subject, topic, grade level, etc.,  You’ll soon develop your own shareable lesson library!

6. Don’t get caught out with copyright

We all know that images are crucial to engaging lessons. However, finding relevant images that aren’t going to be in conflict with copyright laws can be difficult and time consuming. Using Google, it’s possible to do an advanced image search which filters all images that are royalty free, making it possible for you to use them freely without any concerns. Just select ‘free to use or share’ under usage rights, and you’re good to go!

7. Go digital with your assessments and exams

There is a wealth of technology available today to help teachers save time in the classroom. By taking the assessment process online, teachers can save up to 50% of workload from assessments. DigiExam is the innovative new platform which allows teachers to create exams simply and effectively.  Features such as auto-correction and shared grading make the exam process faster and more efficient. With it’s inbuilt collaboration features, teachers can store and share exams with one another for use again and again!

Digital advances provide new ways to make teachers’ lives a little bit easier. With digital assessments, teachers can say goodbye to illegible handwriting and mountains of paper.

Want to test DigiExam in your school? We have just launched DigiExam for Classrooms with a 60-day free trial.

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