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User Spotlight: “It allows me to grade much more quickly. I love that.”

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with one of our users, Lisa Orenstein, the science department chair at The Overlake School in Washington state.  The Overlake School uses a number of digital tools, but last year Lisa was looking for one she could trust in a testing environment.  She reached out to their director of technology to see if they could find an online platform that would block students from accessing their desktops, hard drives, and the internet while completing a test or quiz. Then DigiExam stepped in.

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Let the Students Speak

As a teacher, it’s important to provide students with the feedback they need – but, does the feedback always have to come from you? See how changing the direction of feedback can re-engage students and improve classroom culture. 

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7 Digital Hacks to Save Teachers Time

It’s no secret that teachers face an uphill battle when it comes to fulfilling all the tasks their role demands of them. With grading, planning, searching for resources, and data management all vying for time and attention, it can often feel like there are not enough hours in the day, week – or even year! Take a moment to check out these 7 digital hacks to help tackle your teaching workload!

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