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Sharing the DigiExam story in NYC at Innovate46

At DigiExam we are excited to represent succesful startups at Innovate46- the forum to meet extraordinary Swedish startup talents. The Innovate46 conference is held at Nasdaq headquarters in New York on October 14. The conference aims to promote and connect Swedish companies in the US to high-level professionals and investors.

This year DigiExam is represented by CEO Johan Hägglund in an inspirational discussion panel with Carl Waldekranz, CEO & Co-Founder of Tictail.  The topic is “We made it- and so can you”.

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Introducing Formative Assessments

Today we have great news for the leading edge in education: teachers can now do formative assessments with DigiExam!

Formative assessments helps you focus on the whole learning process. Students get feedback on specific abilities they need to practice, and teachers see deeper patterns in their students results.

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New Feature: Annotate Answers For Formative Assessments

Annotate answers

Annotating answers in DigiExam

Something teachers have missed when going from pen and paper to computer based exams has been being able to annotate and write notes in textual answers. Many of our customers work with formative assessment giving the students specific feedback to better help them understand what they did good and what they need to improve. When working with computer based exams and formative assessments the teacher need sophisticated tools to give feedback.

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Quote by a teacher using DigiExam

“With the help of DigiExam I save 50 percent of the grading time and my students results have increased significantly!”
– Johan Eriksson, teacher at Runbacka School

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New Feature: Grade exams collaboratively as teachers

We recently launched a first version of “sharing and collaboration” inside DigiExam. A teacher can now share an exam from the library for others to use, or choose to share the task of grading an exam so other teachers can help out in that process.


This will enable teachers to collaborate more easily together when grading anonymous exams. Which enables teachers to perform fairer assessments of the students since they can split up the grading so each teacher grades one question, per student.

In addition to the sharing and collaboration features, we’ve also added two new user-roles to DigiExam. The Account Manager who can manage all the teacher accounts inside a school account, and the Administrator role which has full access to all exams inside a school account, in case a teacher is absent or just happens to need some help!

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