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Den blomstertid nu kommer – en återblick på läsåret 17/18

Den blomstertid nu kommer – en återblick på läsåret 17/18

DigiExam fortsätter växa i snabb takt och vi vill passa på att tacka alla användare för den feedback vi får och den vilja den ger oss att skapa en ännu bättre plattform för genomförande av prov och uppgifter på ett säkert sätt.

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DigiExam and GDPR

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation will have an impact on you as a DigiExam user, but you can continue using DigiExam as usual.  It will affect all countries within the EU and will be an addition to previous regulations such as Privacy Shield & FERPA.

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DigiExam och GDPR

Den nya dataskyddsförordningen påverkar dig som användare av DigiExam, men du kan använda det precis som vanligt. Förordningen kommer att gälla direkt i alla EU:s medlemsländer och ersätter den svenska personuppgiftslagen (PUL).

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Evaluating Digital Tools

The McDonough School of Business of Georgetown University just started a pilot with DigiExam this school year. John Carpenter, MSB’s Chief Technology Officer, was nice enough to explain his process for evaluating tools during a webinar with DigiExam back in March. Read on to learn about his evaluation process and why MSB chose to pilot with DigiExam.

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User spotlight: “I feel like I’m able to give better, more specific feedback”

Last month we had the chance to chat with user Lauren Vargas, a high school history teacher. Lauren had been working to make her classroom completely paperless and wanted to find a digital assessment option, which allowed her students to complete quizzes, tests and assignments more securely. In just one school year, Lauren has created 24 different exams and received over 550 hand-ins from her students.

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Feedback about the process, not only the content

As education continues to place a greater emphasis on learning skills, such as: critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity; how can teachers ensure they’re providing feedback that will support student’s development within these areas? See how one high school history teacher provides feedback that encourages his student’s to integrate skills across multiple subject areas.

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Delivering Powerful Feedback

Feedback is directly linked to student achievement.  How can you be sure you’re delivering it effectively?  Read on for our 6 tips on delivering effective and powerful student feedback.

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