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Going Digital, Top Business Schools Transition to Digital Assessments

DigiExam had an impressive closure to 2016 and kicked off 2017 with some major milestones.  Between taking home a win at the Bett awards and beginning new projects with two prestigious universities, the team is excited for all 2017 has in store.


The DigiExam team closed 2016 with much excitement and has been looking forward to the year ahead.  In the start of December, the team headed to the Reimagine Education Conference, in Philadelphia, PA. The conference concluded with the Reimagine Education Stars Awards, which highlights the world’s most innovative pedagogy to enhance student learning. The team was thrilled to take home the Gold Award in Learning Assessment. The learning assessment category awards the most innovative approach to assessing student progress.  Two weeks later, the team was back in New York City attending NY EdTech Week.  This global innovation festival celebrates education entrepreneurship and focuses on how edtech can inspire improvements within education and learning.  After two days of interesting workshops, think tanks and presentations, DigiExam had the honor to participate in the late stage Shark Tank presentation, alongside just 11 other companies.  

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January took the team to London for the Bett Show.  One of the largest education conferences in the world, Bett brings together thousands of educators, entrepreneurs, and thought-leaders to share ideas, practices and technologies. The Bett awards celebrate the creativity and innovation found throughout the industry and highlights resources and companies that are providing educators with the information, ideas and inspiration that are fundamental to the learning process.

DigiExam was thrilled to be a finalist in the following categories:

  • The ICT Innovator of the Year
  • International Digital Education Resource
  • Higher Education/Further Education Digital Services

The awards are very competitive and are considered the highest accolade in the learning technology industry. The team was surrounded by many outstanding organizations and was honored to be named the winner of the Higher Education/Further Digital Services category. CEO, Johan Hägglund explained what an exciting achievement this was:

“In our field of creating efficient and powerful technologies that improve teaching, learning and assessment, winning the Bett Award is a high honour. We are humbled by this great recognition and both excited and proud of the way our company is redefining the way learners are assessed.”           

Bett awards

DigiExam sends it congratulations to their partner, Canvas LMS, who was also recognized during the awards ceremony. DigiExam began working with Canvas LMS in 2016 and has been developing integrations between the two platforms.  A deeper integration will be released this month, which includes single sign-on, grade return, and a streamlined scheduling process for assessments.

The team has been honored to be recognized by so many prestigious organizations in the recent months. However, what has been most exciting is watching the DigiExam mission continue to grow and helping many organizations, teachers, and students make the transition to digital assessments.  When 2016 began, 142,000 assessments had been handed in through the platform by 46,000 students. As 2016 came to a close, the number of hand-ins rose to 555,000 assessments, completed by over 154,000 students.  DigiExam is now being used by more than 2,400 organizations across 85 countries.

DigiExam has continued growth in the US higher education space, and was thrilled to announce a new project with the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University this past December.  Georgetown McDonough serves approximately 3,600 students with more than 140 professors and teaching staff between the undergraduate and graduate programs. John Carpenter, Chief Technology Officer at MSB had been searching for an appropriate platform for several years:

“We have been looking for a secure, easy-to-use digital assessment platform for years, so we’re very excited to get started with the tools and features DigiExam offers.”

Most recently, DigiExam has also partnered with Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, the world’s first collegiate school of business.  Wharton School serves 4,993 students across their undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.  The partnership will open the opportunity for other departments and schools at University of Pennsylvania to pilot with DigiExam as well.

The DigiExam team is looking forward to their continued collaboration with educators and students to ensure they provide the tools needed to assess learners in a reliable, effective and unbiased fashion.  They plan to continue inspiring and redefining the way learners are assessed.

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