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New feature: Share your rubric

DigiExam proudly present a new update to the formative assesment rubric . In the same easy way that teachers share created exams, they can now share rubrics!

Creating and updating a rubric is time consuming, to make the process easier teachers can now share their rubrics in an efficient way. When teachers collaborate by sharing their rubrics, they can improve the content and create even better formulations. DigiExam highly values a sharing culture among teachers and helping teachers to work more efficient.

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How does the rubric work with in DigiExam?

When you create an exam and choose formative assessment you need to connect a rubric to the exam.

The rubric works in a similar way to the creation of an exam. To begin the process teachers simply click the “create rubric button” and then continue with the following the steps.

When you have created a rubric in DigiExam, you can use it in the grading process. In the final stage of grading you fill in the different knowledge requirements that the student have reached by using the rubric as referral.

Benefits with DigiExams rubric:

  • Time saving
  • Easily share your rubric with other teachers
  • Make the grading process more efficient

Remember: Sharing is caring!

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