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NEW FEATURE – Text to Speech

NEW FEATURE – Text to Speech

Text to Speech is now available in DigiExam, it enables the student to have instructions, questions, texts in links and their answers read out loud.

We have listened particularly to students and teachers in order to create a functional and essential feature as possible, therefore we want to direct a special thanks to all the teachers and students who with their feedback helped us develop this feature. Text to Speech is based on the default functionality in each device which also enables the feature to work completely offline. You can easily choose language and voice as well as adapt the speed that the text i spoken in, moreover you can simplify the playback of the marked text using a keyboard shortcut.

The teacher role gives you access to allow each student to have their text read out loud thus you can also allow the feature for all your students when creating an assignment if you consider it beneficial.

Today you have the opportunity to allow the accessibility settings – Text to Speech, Spell Check and Extended Time for each student on a school via a few kew presses.It is easy for a special pedagogue or mentor to assure that each student is allowed correct accessibility settings in all their future school examinations in DigiExam

With the roles as Customer Success with previous teacher experience, working with everything from implementation to retention of existing customers and support, naturally makes us extremely happy that all the students now have the ability to text playback without any extra administration for the teacher who creates the exam/assignment.

With almost two million submitted exams we look forward to provide even better opportunities for students to carry out exams and assignments secure, as well as to work on improving the ability for teachers to assess student responses.



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