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DigiExam celebrates over 3,000,000 handed in exams

On April 2nd DigiExam reached a huge milestone. We now have a total of over 3,000,000 handed in exams since our start in 2011! We are extremely proud of all our users and grabs the opportunity to say: Thank you for joining in on the revolution of digital exams!

This is a true proof of concept that a user-friendly and reliable platform for digital examinations really is adopted widely by teachers and used for all types of assessments, tests and high stakes exams.

Easy to operate from a teacher/supervisor perspective and full offline support for students during an exam, without putting a lot of additional effort to solve technical issues. The reliability for students that ensures them to take an exam without worrying about internet connectivity and data loss in case of a problem occurring.

The Customer Success Team with teacher experience help new and existing customers implement and use DigiExam widely. A tool for teachers to use both for assessing students and supporting the learning process, moreover a tool for diverse usage.

With our Support team in-house and just a couple of feet away from the developers in the Tech team, we are agile and work closely together taking full control of our product without being dependent on third-party services.

In Q1 2019, in comparison with Q1 the previous year we saw an increase in handed-in exams with 80% a hit a new record for handed in exams in a quartal with 510,322 hand-ins. In Q2 which normally is the peak season for examinations and high-stakes exams, we expect a significantly larger amount.

From all of us at DigiExam, Thank you!

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Welcoming Cecilia to the DigiExam Team

Cecilia Vahlin

Head of Higher Education

  • Who is Cecilia?

Originally, she studied to become an elementary school teacher in Swedish and English at Linköping University, and proceeded to teach Swedish for nine years at the International English School in Linköping. Further on she worked at the independent school Erlaskolan in Norrköping, who was one of the early providing their students with  a 1:1 solution, which is one computer per student. Erlaskolan had focus on entrepreneurship and digitization. After a few years, she chose a new direction in the edtech business and became an ICT coordinator at the Education Department in Linköping Municipality. A few years later, she started working at the LMS, itslearning in Malmö. A new colleague with experience within education, digitization, sales, marketing and procurement both within schools, higher education and business world.

  • Why did you choose DigiExam?

Cecilia describes how, for a long time,  she has requested an improved exam scenario for all kinds of education – from universities to companies. When she found DigiExam, she found a technically well-developed, user friendly and intuitive, but above all  a secure environment for users. Usually, it is due to a technical threshold that teachers and managers are resisting to try, or use, new digital tools, but with DigiExam the threshold feels extremely low and the solution is easy to use. Another reason is the ability to use accessibility settings to individualize for those users who benefit from spell check, text-to-speech or extended time, but she believes that all users ,  benefit from being able to use these settings sometimes. 

  • Main goal with your role at DigiExam?

She wants to contribute to improve and develop the examination form on all levels – especially focusing on universities and higher education – in Sweden as well as  the rest of the world.

The foundation of my philosophy is to maximize the outcome of learning  for as many people as possible by offering flexible methods and tools to achieve that. A solution that suits everyone,no matter how you work or what you teach, DigiExam always has functions/features you can use to maximize or optimize your teaching and learning..

  • Vision?

A clear altruistic ideology where she will improve the education sector and hopefully the entire society – Schools and Academies today demand freedom to choose the best tools and combine them with each other – the  days where you chose one single technical solution and adapted the education thereafter, are history. The pedagogical situation shall decide what digital solutions one chooses – and the choice of tool for creating, fulfilling and assessing exams is simple  – DigiExam.

The goal is to provide national and international academies with a secure, time saving and efficient method for teachers and students in terms of taking exams as well as creating and marking them.

We are proud that Cecilia is choosing DigiExam and look forward to see the product develop further with a new colleague  in our team!

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