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DigiExam – The most used assessment tool for the Swedish National Exams!

We are very proud to be the most used digital assessment tool! In the report from the Swedish National Agency for Education, a summary on the National Exams that were performed digitally, it has shown that more than a third of the country’s high schools and municipal adult education schools performed their National Exams in Swedish and English with DigiExam. Also among the Swedish schools that performed the National Exams digitally with their 9th graders, DigiExam is a widely used platform with a fourth of the schools using us.

Another experience from the report is that a large number of the schools in Sweden use digital assessment tools in their ordinary teaching. We think that this is great news and it connects well with our idea to support teachers by simplifying the assessment process, which saves valuable time for the teachers. From a student perspective, using a digital tool enables them to perform under the best conditions, when it matters the most.



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DigiExam and Microsoft Learning Tools

The DigiExam application is now also available for download in Windows Store offering schools and universities even more options for a secure and reliable platform for  high-stakes exams and academic tests.

DigiExam is the first assessment platform to integrate the learning tool Immersive Reader in a lock-down exam environment/mode. Accommodating unique student accessibility settings is a key to fair digital examinations for all students.


The possibility to offer students reading help, additional time, TTS and spellcheck in exams without additional effort for Teachers or Exam supervisors makes DigiExam a powerful tool for all types of exams and assignments.

Our purpose is to make digital assessment available to everyone, increase quality within education  and empower students on their journey of learning.

Formative feedback in addition to just a published result improves learning outcomes and when adding the DigiExam URL to a Microsoft Team’s channel students can access their exam results and personal feedback instantly upon publishing.


With the Microsoft Store application we enable an even easier way of downloading

the DigiExam application in both BYOD and managed IT environments.





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School’s out for summer – 2019

DigiExam would like to acknowledge all teaching staff, course administrators and students for the academic year of 2018/2019 so far.

We’ll continue to strive for delivering digital examinations to everyone!

For the majority, the academic year of 2018/2019 is coming to an end and we’d like to express our gratitude to all our users! The student location map above indicates the reach of DigiExam and the recent NPS survey conveys the message that we’re heading in the right direction in terms of being the most reliable and user-friendly platform on the market. 

Regardless if you use DigiExam as an external tool in your LMS or as a stand-alone application, it is beyond question that your feedback drives our journey to further improvement. Accordingly does your proof of concept that a user-friendly and reliable platform for digital examinations is adopted widely and used by teachers for all types of assessments, tests and high stakes exams.

Product features this spring

The latest release of the Invigilator view allows a teacher or course administrator to share the exam overview with a colleague or exam supervisor. Either by co-sharing the entire exam process from exam creation, activation and co-grading of students’ answers. Thus an even more traditional usage – by giving an exam supervisor the viewing rights to monitor student progress during the exam, without compromising exam integrity.

Additionally, word gaps and simple answers can replace traditional MCQ in some forms of assessments, the add media functionality allows external links and resources, and the locked or randomized question order does not only fit high stake exams but give teachers additional tools to an increased usage of DigiExam.

Pushing the 1 2 3 4 million mark

In early April, we reached yet another milestone of 3 000 000 hand ins, thus a numerous amount of saved papers and with automatic grading, a lot of teacher time better spent than grading student answers!

We’ll continue presenting product news and user cases on our blog, presenting innovative teachers across all fields of education and how they use DigiExam in their field of expertise.

We wish all our users a great summer and later on a warm welcome back to a new, exciting academic year with a lot of pleasant surprises!



The DigiExam Team


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DigiExam celebrates over 3,000,000 handed in exams

On April 2nd DigiExam reached a huge milestone. We now have a total of over 3,000,000 handed in exams since our start in 2011! We are extremely proud of all our users and grabs the opportunity to say: Thank you for joining in on the revolution of digital exams!

This is a true proof of concept that a user-friendly and reliable platform for digital examinations really is adopted widely by teachers and used for all types of assessments, tests and high stakes exams.

Easy to operate from a teacher/supervisor perspective and full offline support for students during an exam, without putting a lot of additional effort to solve technical issues. The reliability for students that ensures them to take an exam without worrying about internet connectivity and data loss in case of a problem occurring.

The Customer Success Team with teacher experience help new and existing customers implement and use DigiExam widely. A tool for teachers to use both for assessing students and supporting the learning process, moreover a tool for diverse usage.

With our Support team in-house and just a couple of feet away from the developers in the Tech team, we are agile and work closely together taking full control of our product without being dependent on third-party services.

In Q1 2019, in comparison with Q1 the previous year we saw an increase in handed-in exams with 80% a hit a new record for handed in exams in a quartal with 510,322 hand-ins. In Q2 which normally is the peak season for examinations and high-stakes exams, we expect a significantly larger amount.

From all of us at DigiExam, Thank you!

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