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Hello U.K!

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of opening up our third office, and in one of our favourite cities – London! So all of you new U.K visitors — here is a short presentation of DigiExam and what we do best.

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New feature: SPELL CHECK

Spell check has undoubtably been the highest requested feature from DigiExam users. Spell check is simple, it allows students to focus on context rather than spelling.


Lead Frontend developer Kenneth, answers your questions  about the new release.

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Nationella proven: Vanligaste frågorna

Snart drar nationella proven igång igen.  En inte allt för ovanlig syn är lärare som sliter sitt hår för att försöka förstå svårlästa handstilar, elever som stressat suddar ut mening för mening, timmar av pappershantering och rättning. Många skolor väljer en enklare väg. Över 250 skolor väljer DigiExam för nationella proven.


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New feature: Share your rubric

DigiExam proudly present a new update to the formative assesment rubric . In the same easy way that teachers share created exams, they can now share rubrics!

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The week @DigiExam

Another week has passed and DigiExam enter March with new features, new members and in new outfits. Here is a little glimpse of this week at DigiExam.

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The big difference between online and digital tests

We all know that students sometimes try to cheat, this is not a new phenomenon. At the same pace teachers implement solutions to prevent cheating, students find new and creative ways to get around it.

Cheating students is always an issue and concern, not only for teachers but also society. Just imagine medical students taking a shortcut and cheating, would you want that to be your future doctor? We’re guessing no.

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