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Interview: Two years retrospective

This month DigiExam celebrates two years on the market. After several years of research and development, DigiExam finally saw the light of day in May 2014. Two years later over 1000 schools are connected, more than 200 000 examinations written and a lot of teachers and students have replaced pen and paper in favour of digital exams. 

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Digitalisera nationella proven? Det är redan gjort.

Torsdag 28 april uppdagades det att facit till nationella proven hade slarvats bort i postgången och runt hundratusen elever riskerade få vänta på provresultaten. Nu efterlyser gymnasie- och kunskapslyftsministern Aida Hadzialic en digitalisering av proven. Men detta finns redan – den stora bromsklossen är politiken.

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Hello U.K!

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of opening up our third office, and in one of our favourite cities – London! So all of you new U.K visitors — here is a short presentation of DigiExam and what we do best.

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New feature: SPELL CHECK

Spell check has undoubtably been the highest requested feature from DigiExam users. Spell check is simple, it allows students to focus on context rather than spelling.


Lead Frontend developer Kenneth, answers your questions  about the new release.

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