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Swedish client, SAML and the latest updates.

Swedish client, SAML and the latest updates.

Once again DigiExam releases new features and improvements both in terms of functionality and design – curious of finding out more? Keep reading.

We are hoping that all users have had a fantastic vacation and are now full of energy to kick off a new semester! We look forward to coming year, in this post we will mention what a updates that have been made in terms of new features and design. We are currently developing a completely new equation editor for teachers and a new text editor for students

Swedish Client
It has been in demand for a long time to have a Swedish translation of the student client, mostly from K12 schools. This week we finally released the opportunity to choose between an English and Swedish client. Due to our tool being used worldwide and still expanding, it feels obvious to finally offer a client both in Swedish and English. 

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Security Assertion Markup Language or SAML is a standard for exchanging authentication and authorisation data between different domains. The primary use-case for SAML is to provide web-based cross-domain single sign-on (SSO) between an identity provider (IdP) and a service provider (SP) for a particular user (Subject). The benefit of using SSO is that it reduces the administrative burden for users as they do not have to keep separate logins for each service they use and can instead login into one central hub through which they can log in to external services. SAML is typically used by large organisations, schools and school districts as well as by governments. The latest version of SAML is v2.0 which is implied in the rest of this document.

Usage Scenario
To better understand the single sign-on use-case of SAML consider the following example.

Alice is a teacher at The High School.
Alice has been instructed to login to DigiExam, a service that she has never used before.
Alice’s school uses SAML to provide SSO to most of the services the school uses, among them DigiExam.
Alice logs in to the student & teacher portal at as a teacher, she logs in using her email and password.
Alice clicks DigiExam in the list of apps in the portal.
Alice’s browser is taken to DigiExam and is automatically logged in, a teacher account was created for her as it was the first time she logged in.

Chinese Script – full support for Chinese keyboard.

Print Settings – Printed exams are more similar to the digital version, a more user friendly view and an improved possibility to download PDF.

Updated view when creating exams – Easier and cleaner view with less click to create exams and choose what settings to use.

Under Development

Improved text editor. Our developers are currently working on a new text editor where the surface will be alike for students and teachers.

We will continue to introduce all our new features along with user cases with different focus on our blog and social medias.





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