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Swedish National Tests 2018

Every year, thousands of students in Sweden accomplish national tests. This year, over 84,400 students used DigiExam to submit a total of 118 348 exams.

Every year, a large number of students in Sweden sit for their national tests in Swedish, English, Mathematics, Natural sciences and Social sciences. The purpose with the tests is to support fair assessment and grading on a national level.

The digitization of the national tests is an ongoing development process, today a large amount of students take the tests on a digital device. In terms of the Government’s national digitization vision – to achieve a solid digitized country, follows demands on an educational level, hence the digital tools in use. Today teachers have the possibility to use features such as de-identifying the students and co-marking with your colleagues when working in DigiExam.

The forthcoming requirements for next semester are that the writing of the national tests must be in a digital lockdown mode. The national tests that need to be accomplished digitally are, English, Swedish and Swedish as a second language from years 16-19 up to Municipality Adult Education.

Students have been using DigiExam to submit the writing sections of the tests since year 2014. This spring, 84,400 students handed in 118 348 exams. In just one year, the rate of secondary students using DigiExam for the national tests rose with 30 %.

2016 2017 2018
Number of students using DigiExam for the National Tests 30,952 64,600 84,400
Number of completed National Exams in DigiExam 41,500 89,096 118,348

DigiExam has been used specifically for exams within written production and interaction, however there is an increased field of application due to expanded functionality such as Add Media. Nowadays DigiExam is used for smaller assignments to entire lessons and planning of courses.

Karin Nilsson, a teacher at a high school in Huddinge shared her experience with DigiExam:

“Considering the fact of the small amount of preparation time our school had to implement the application/programme, it definitely served its purpose carrying through the National Tests in Swedish 1 and 3 and English 5, 6 and 7. We started with the introduction for our teachers week 11 and we had approximately 1000 students taking the test digitally and the few errors we came across were solved immediately from the support. Many thanks to DigiExam!”

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