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Swedish National Exams 2017

Each spring, thousands of students in Sweden complete national exams.  This year, over 64,000 students used DigiExam to submit a national test.


Each spring, thousands of students in Sweden sit for their national exams in Swedish and English. National exams are mainly used to support equal and fair assessment and grading on the national level. However, they are also used to evaluate if knowledge requirements are being met at both a school and national level. The national exams provide valuable information about students’ knowledge and are taken into consideration when thinking about ways teaching and learning can be improved.

Students have been using DigiExam to submit the writing sections of their exams since May of 2015. Each year the number of students using DigiExam has grown. 30,952 students handed in 41,501 exams in the spring of 2016. This spring, 64,600 students handed in 89,096 exams. In just one year, the rate of secondary students using DigiExam for the national tests rose from 16% to 33%.

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*Percentage is based on the number of secondary students that took the national exams in 2016. 

DigiExam was used specifically for the Swedish Writing and English Writing exams (
Exams Sweden NP, Svenska 3 Delprov A and Sweden NP Delprov C – Sweden NP Engelska 5 and 6 below).  In order to meet exam requirements, students are provided with a paper copy of the exam questions. They then use the DigiExam application to type their responses and submit their answers, using their own device. Overall, students prefer to type their answers over writing them by hand because they’re able to get their thoughts down more quickly and edit their responses more efficiently. Emilia Blunck shared her experience with DigiExam:

“I’ve used DigiExam for both national exams and other assessments during the school year. My experiences with it have been great. It’s so much faster for me to type my answer on DigiExam rather than writing by hand and it makes it easier for me to go back and revise my work.”

Co-founders, Johan Hagglund and Nima Marefat, were initially inspired to create DigiExam after they sat for university tests in 2011. After spending hours in the exam room, writing, erasing, and writing some more, they knew there had to be a better way. All of their other coursework was already completed digitally, so why couldn’t exams be taken digitally as well? Fast forward six years, and DigiExam is now being used by nearly two-hundred thousand students across more than 80 countries.  Today, the DigiExam team continues to work with these students as well as instructors around the world to keep improving the exam process.

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