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US Update: One step ahead

Our first U.S office opened in august 2015 with the goal to connect to U.S schools. Right now we are located in New York in “Silicon Alley” following a rapid increased interest from US based schools. Every week we are happy to meet schools across USA, curious about the benefits with digital examinations.

We are expanding our client base rapidly and are thrilled to receive such great interest. DigiExam is very proud to have some of the top US schools as clients, innovative schools who follows us into the future.  To mention some of the schools we have ivy league Colombia University and forward thinking schools like Massachusetts international Academy and The Hewitt School.

It’s an exciting time for the world of education. Innovative ways of learning, virtual reality and big data are a few of the trends. Researchers predict a rapid development in the EdTech industry.

The Hewitt school

The Hewitt school

Schools in America are gradually implementing digital teaching solutions to interact with a generation of students familiar with laptops and iPads, attempting to make the classroom atmosphere more futuristic and participatory.

Our mission is to bring further awareness of how to work more efficiently. We believe that true revolution within education is achieved through digitisation.

U.S DigiExam schools today:

  • Colombia University
  • The Hewitt School
  • The Browning School
  • Dwight School
  • The Birch Wathen Lenox School
  • The Overlake School
  • Massachusetts International Academy


Time is a sought after resource and will always be highly valued. Of course teachers are no exception and by using DigiExam they save up to 50% of grading time.

We are very proud to help relieving teachers of their workload, and enabling them to return to their mission of teaching. DigiExam gives them more time to build knowledge and improve students learning curves. American students have given us feedback on the ease of use and how impossible it is to cheat, which make our engineers very happy. We hope to continue this work and bring further value when we expand on the US market. This year DigiExam is planning to step up the pace and expand to all US states.

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