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User Spotlight: “It allows me to grade much more quickly. I love that.”

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with one of our users, Lisa Orenstein, the science department chair at The Overlake School in Washington state.  The Overlake School uses a number of digital tools, but last year Lisa was looking for one she could trust in a testing environment.  She reached out to their director of technology to see if they could find an online platform that would block students from accessing their desktops, hard drives, and the internet while completing a test or quiz. Then DigiExam stepped in.

Lisa began using DigiExam during the 2015-2016 school year for her midterm exam; she had her students complete an essay question.  Since that time, Lisa’s students have handed in a combined 569 assessments. Her students find DigiExam to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.  From a teacher’s perspective, DigiExam has eased the burden of assessments for Lisa, particularly when grading and providing feedback to her students.

“It allows me to grade written work – whether formative or summative – much more quickly.  I can craft a thorough comment or present a model response for the students and really only have to do this once, as opposed to writing the same comment numerous times. I love that.”

Not only does Lisa prefer grading digitally, but she’s found sharing results online has been beneficial as well.

“I like to be able to publish results ahead of class time.  This lets the students know ahead of time what to expect when coming to class. I find that this gives the students time for greater consideration of the comments associated with their work, rather than on just the grade earned. Overall, this makes the test return go more smoothly.”

Prior to transitioning to digital assessments, Lisa didn’t consider herself a “tech person” and her students were nervous about technical problems occurring during an exam session.  However, the transition to DigiExam has been smooth and greatly benefited both teachers and students; to date they’ve encountered no problems.


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