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The Week @DigiExam

Get a glimpse of the DigiExam week!

This week DigiExams Gustaf Nordbäck joined in an interesting round table discussion togheter with Howard Nelson, Chief Operating Officer at Leeds Trinity University, John Marks, Marketing Manager Canon UK, Kenny Nicholl, Director of Higher Education EMEA at Canvas and Phil Clark, Head of Projection Casio UK students. The topic was about how schools can make the most of summer downtime and how universities should invest in technology to meet student demands. Read about their thoughts and opinions here.

The week 8juli 4+5

DigiExam visited the annual Almedals week in Gotland, Sweden. The Almedals week is filled with different events were Swedish politicians, companies and organisations discuss politic and society matters.

the week 8juli3

DigiExam’s co-founder Johan Hägglund participated in a panel discussion with the Swedish tax agency, CGI, Volvo cars and Stockholm city. The panel discussed Sweden’s digitalisation and how to develop it further within different sectors.  Also the importance to implement young peoples knowledge of technology within new work processes. Read the blog post about the panel discussion here

bell ceremony

DigiExam participated in the national Swedish entrepreneurship competition, Serendipity Challenge 2016. The competition is based on unique innovation or business idea with potential to commercialise products or services in the global market. Thank you Serendipity Challenge for a great event and competition!

the week summer holiday

With this the DigiExam team wishes you a nice summer holiday!

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