Who we are

About us

Sprung from Higher Education. Built out of Sweden. Over a decade of experience. Our all-in-one platform is designed to safely and reliably power your whole examination lifecycle. 

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Point of view

Our belief

Knowledge is something people fight for. For weeks, months and years. Students, teachers and educators all push hard together for success, all the way up until the finish line. The exam.

But the examination process is broken.

Costly pen and paper exams have quickly become obsolete and inaccessible. Investments in quick fix online solutions enforced by the pandemic are however causing real frustration for all stakeholders involved. Especially when it comes to workflow efficiency, security and reliability. Leaving educators and companies with an ecosystem of learning tools in dysfunction, adoption challenges, time consuming administration and questionable exam integrity. 

That’s why we have built a secure and robust platform that powers the new, better and more efficient world of exams. So that our customers can easily offer the best learning experience possible. 

Because great knowledge deserves great exams.

Guiding values

Go for gold together

We are ambitious, want to perform at our best and always strive to achieve both individual and team goals. We take ownership of our work and make sure we get it done. On time, with stellar quality.

Veritas challenger

It is natural to challenge our customers point of view. We feel safe in speaking up, comfortable in asking (uncomfortable) questions and dare to challenge old truths. This is how we evolve.

Make work enjoyable

Remember to have fun and celebrate achievements. Positivity is contagious and an advantage. If we’re not excited about what we do, our customers never will be.

Be worthy of trust

We give and handle trust with care. Our product is reliable and stable. Customers stay with us and keep coming back for advice. As colleagues we know that we can rely on each other.