AI in education

The question of AI in education and how it can be applied have been gaining more attention through the years and especially with the launch of Chat GPT. Read more on how it can be applied here.


AI in education

AI in education and ChatGPT

No one could have missed the launch of Open AI's ChatGPT. Its revolutionary and well-equipped language models have overtaken the world and impressed most skeptics. 

Even though AI is not a new concept, ChatGPT is one of the most advanced versions the world has seen yet. This has caught many industries off guard, including the educational space. Forcing questions like:

- How can AI be used in education? 
- How can we prevent it? 
- Will it make cheating easier? 
- How will this affect critical thinking? 
- Should we go back to pen and paper? 
- What positive impacts could it have? 

Some have already taken action, for example: 
New York City public schools ban access to AI tools that could help students cheat

A Teacher's Prompt Guide to ChatGPT aligned with 'What Works Best'

Ai, Chatbots and ChatGPT for teachers


But first, what is ChatGPT?

And who would be better than answering this question than ChatGPT? 

Although the answer is somewhat technical the possibilities and threats lie within "trained to generate human-like text", where anyone with an account can use ChatGPT to generate answers to basically any type of question. 

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