AI in education

The question of AI in education and how it can be applied have been gaining more attention through the years and especially with the launch of ChatGPT. Read more on AI below or schedule a call with one of our experts on how Digiexam can ensure academic integrity in the age of AI. 


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The impact of AI in education

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Educators of tomorrow from the Technologies of today

Look back upon how the educational system has transformed in the past four years. It’s no surprise why AI is disrupting how we think, but it is likely disrupting education for a different reason entirely.

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AI’s Dilemma for Assessment

Buzzwords of artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks and deep learning propagate through media channels as the world wakes up to the realities of the state of current technologies. In the world of education, these terms no longer find themselves solely in programming classes. AI has burst on the scene. All educators in schools and universities worldwide know and many are concerned as their students test AIs’ capabilities. 

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Academic integrity in the age of AI

Protecting academic integrity in the age of AI

As OpenAI and ChatGPT continue to disrupt industries and especially the educational space, we asked ChatGPT to respond on how to protect academic integrity in the age of AI. As lockdown technology was mentioned as a solution, we thought it also needed to provide the difference between a lockdown application and a lockdown browser. 

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How can AI and ChatGPT influence education?

Together with Erik Winerö, Suzanne Pathkiller, and John DiMaria, we took a deep dive into how AI and ChatGPT could influence education. The discussion was held in Swedish.

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AI and ChatGPT's impact on education - the role of an educator

Dr. Nick Jackson, John DiMaria, and Niklas Vernersson discuss AI's and ChatGPT's impact on education and the role of an educator. 

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John keynote chatgpt

ChatGPT - basics, impact & our view on the future of ai in education

During the largest education event in Sweden, John DiMaria held a keynote on ChatGPT and AI and its impact on education.

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AI-Natives, AI-Immigrants & New Literacies

Educators and school leaders now decide either to remain in the days of yore or walk the unbeaten path. The future is uncertain. Hedging all bets - educators will blaze new trails.

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Marcus and John podcast on AI

AI development and impact on education

Marcus and John covers the latest development on AI and its impact on education. (In Swedish)

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Marcus - IT Pedagogen

Who will get the best grades?

Debate article addressing AI and the Swedish National Exams. 

"Who will get the best grades during Swedish National Exams; students or ChatGPT?" (In Swedish)

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Nick Jackson and Digiexam

How to address and tackle AI in education?

A new discussion with Dr. Nick Jackson, John DiMaria and Niklas Vernersson where they discuss how to address and tackle AI in education. 

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