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The exam lifecycle

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  • Access platform

    Connect your LMS or use Digiexam as a standalone examination platform. Read more on our integrations page to explore your alternatives. 

  • Environment independent

    The platform runs perfectly both in managed environments and with BYOD setups. Digiexam is compatible with PC, Mac, Chromebooks and iPads. 

Create exams

  • Create from scratch

    Create an exam or use a shared template from your colleagues. We support a wide range of question types and online resources. 

  • Reuse

    Reuse old exams or questions that fit the pedagogical purpose. 
  • Start or schedule

    Prepare your students for a great exam and with a few clicks, you can easily start or schedule the exam.

  • Distribute

    Once the date and time are locked in, you can easily distribute the exam to all students. 


  • Device lockdown

    The application technology will lock down the student's device to make sure only the chosen online resources for the exam are used. 

  • Online proctoring (add on)

    Ensure exam integrity with an extra layer of automated or live online proctoring. ID verification and other features can be configured.

  • Accessibility

    A great exam gives everyone equal opportunities. Supportive features included such as spell check, text-to-speech, and extra time given are included.

  • Online & offline

    In comparison to a browser-based exam environment, the application offers full offline compatibility. Our platform can be trusted, regardless of internet connection.


  • Automatic & anonymous grading

    Grade per student or question. Anonymous grading and Auto correction of Multiple choice or Word gap questions are available. 

  • Co-grade with colleagues

    Co-grade with your colleagues in one place. Receive additional input and perspective without the hassle of sending around papers. 

  • Publish results

    Either synced directly to your LMS or published in the Digiexam platform. 

  • Feedback

    Intuitive annotation tool for text answers and support for formative feedback.

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What is a digital exam?

A digital exam is an assessment that is taken electronically through a digital platform or software. The Digiexam digital exam platform supports most types of exams and enables teachers to create, administer, and grade exams online in a seamless and secure environment.

What are the benefits of digital exams?

Digital exams offer several benefits, including the ability to save time on exam creation and grading, as well as providing a secure and seamless exam-taking experience for students. The Digiexam platform ensures a streamlined process for digital exams, from creating to grading them. The platform includes features such as real-time and automated proctoring, automated grading assistance, device lockdown features, and much more, creating a seamless experience for both teacher and students alike, while ensuring academic integrity at all times.

Can digital exams be taken remotely?

Yes, digital exams can be taken remotely, which is particularly useful in situations where students are not able to come to a physical testing location. With Digiexam, students can take exams from any location as long as they have internet access.

How does Digiexam ensure academic integrity during digital exams?

The Digiexam platform has multiple features ensuring a safe and secure examination environment including:

  • locked-down environment that prevents students from accessing other applications or resources on their device during the exam
  • real-time and automated AI proctoring
  • ID verification to verify the identity of the students before an exam
  • credibility report about each student to be reviewed retroactively

Read more about our online proctoring solution.

Can Digiexam integrate with other learning management systems (LMS)?

Yes, Digiexam integrates with several popular LMS platforms, including Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, and many more. See the full list.

How does Digiexam save teachers time on exam creation and grading?

Digiexam streamlines the exam creation and grading process, saving teachers time on manual tasks. It also provides automated grading assistance, allowing teachers to quickly grade exams and provide feedback to students.

How does Digiexam provide a seamless and secure exam-taking experience for students?

The exams on our platform run on proprietary lockdown technology ensuring the highest academic integrity. It ensures a secure environment that prevents students from accessing other applications or resources on their device during the exam. Students can access the exam via the downloadable Digiexam app, which offers full offline support, and autosaves every 10 seconds to ensure no progress is lost. Digiexam is also fully compliant with GDPR to protect the user’s privacy and their data.

Read more about the security of Digiexam.