Powering your digital exams

Offer the best learning experience for your students and test-takers with the most secure examination platform. Built with proprietary technology to ensure the highest academic integrity. 

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The exam lifecycle

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  • Access platform

    Connect your LMS or use Digiexam as a standalone examination platform.  Read more on our integrations page to explore you alternatives. 

  • Environment independent

    The platform runs perfectly both in managed environments and with BYOD setups. Digiexam is compatible with PC, Mac, Chromebooks and iPads. 

Create exams

  • Create from scratch

    Create an exam or use a shared template from your colleagues. We support a wide range of question types and online resources. 

  • Reuse

    Reuse old exams or questions that fit the pedagogical purpose. 
  • Start or schedule

    Prepare your students for a great exam and with a few clicks, you can easily start or schedule the exam.

  • Distribute

    Once the date and time are locked in, you can easily distribute the exam to all students. 


  • Device lockdown

    The application technology will lock down the student's device to make sure only the chosen online resources for the exam are used. 

  • Online proctoring (add on)

    Ensure exam integrity with an extra layer of automated or live online proctoring. ID verification and other features can be configured.

  • Accessibility

    A great exam gives everyone equal opportunities. Supportive features included such as spell check, text-to-speech, and extra time given are included.

  • Online & offline

    In comparison to a browser-based exam environment, the application offers full offline compatibility. Our platform can be trusted, regardless of internet connection.


  • Automatic & anonymous grading

    Grade per student or question. Anonymous grading and Auto correction of Multiple choice or Word gap questions are available. 

  • Co-grade with colleagues

    Co-grade with your colleagues in one place. Receive additional input and perspective without the hassle of sending around papers. 

  • Publish results

    Either synced directly to your LMS or published in the Digiexam platform. 

  • Feedback

    Intuitive annotation tool for text answers and support for formative feedback.

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