Invest in platform reliability

Technical difficulties, security concerns, platform maintenance, and hidden costs are pains that educators might overlook until it’s too late.


Trusted by 900+ leading educators:

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At Digiexam we take 100% responsibility for delivery as we have developed our technology by ourselves. The main customer benefits from us owning our technology provides them with the following advantages:


  • Zero maintenance (auto-updates)
  • Own Lockdown Application
  • Offline mode
  • We own product development
  • Data protection and compliance

Other providers

  • Hidden maintenance costs
  • 3rd Party lockdown browser
  • Consult 3rd party suppliers

Digiexam Lockdown Application

  • Easy to download and its user-friendly interface makes it easy for students to navigate and complete their exams.
  • Enhanced exam security to help prevent cheating and protect the integrity of exams.
  • Flexible and user-friendly: Works on Mac, Ipad, PC, and managed Chromebooks.


Interested in knowing more?

Workflow and integrations


  • Convenience
  • Security


  • Inclusivity
  • Fairness


  • Interoperability
  • Standardization


  • Enhanced functionality
  • Integrations


  • Insights
  • Improvements


  • Prevents cheating
  • Remote exams

External resources

  • Additional Online Resources

Data Protection

  • Protect Sensitive Information

How our platform is used by our customers

High-Stakes Exams + Proctoring (On + Off campus)

Computer lockdown during exams. Human or AI Proctoring. 
Digiexam is designed to reliably and safely power your whole exam lifecycle.

High-Stakes Exams (On campus)

Computer lockdown during exams. Offline compatibility on. 
It is being used for high-stakes exams where security, integrity, and live/AI monitoring are of the utmost importance.

High + Low Stakes Exams (On + off campus)

Swedish National Exams are today being conducted by City of Stockholm together with in-classroom assignments for over 50 000 users.
It is also being used for open book exams and assignments in lecture rooms, to gather your students in one reliable platform, but with open resources to use, as your professors please.