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Gain valuable insights from academic technology coaches, educators, IT leaders, and industry experts as they share their perspectives on leveraging technology within educational settings. Available on Apple Podcast, Spotify and Acast. 

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The Edtech Podcast

Welcome to the edtech podcast where we dive deep into the world of educational technology through the eyes of those who know it best. In each episode, we engage with technology directors, technology coaches, and IT professionals from various educational institutions to uncover the insights, challenges, and successes they've encountered in integrating technology into schools.

Our conversations aim to provide listeners with a wealth of knowledge, from practical advice on implementing new technologies to strategies for overcoming common obstacles. Whether you're looking to enhance digital learning at your school, navigate the complexities of edtech integration, or simply find inspiration from like-minded professionals, "Digiexam Dialogues" is your go-to resource.

Join us as we explore the frontiers of education technology, sharing experiences and ideas that can help shape the future of teaching and learning. For technology enthusiasts, educators, and anyone passionate about fostering innovation in schools, this podcast is for you.

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