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Access the platform

Logging into Digiexam is very easy. As an administrator or teacher, you log in via the browser in seconds. As a student, you can choose between logging in via the LMS, web browser, or straight in the student application. 

Toggle between the tabs to see how easy Digiexam is for administrators, teachers, and students. 

  • Web browser
  • Web browser
  • LMS
  • Student application


Create/Fetch exam from library

In Digiexam, creating new exams or reusing old ones is a simple process. The exam creator chooses the desired settings and format, then starts or schedules the exam using an Exam ID or by selecting a group.

  • Create or reuse
  • Schedule & distribute
  • Exam settings


Take exam

When the exam is active, administrators and teachers can monitor exam progress in Digiexam, including student status and submission details.

The application allows students to easily start and navigate exams, with features such as an expanding text editor and the ability to mark questions for later review. Additionally, lockdown mode restricts access to external resources during the exam except for external resources approved by the teacher.

  • Monitor exams
  • End exams
  • Online or offline
  • Lockdown application
  • Enter exam
  • Hand in




Grading in Digiexam is easy, teachers can choose to grade per question or student. Save a great amount of time by combining automatic grading, collaborating with other teachers, and no papers involved. Additionally, anonymous grading is an option to help remove potential biases. Once grading is complete, results and feedback can be shared with students with just a few clicks.

  • Collaborative grading
  • Save time
  • Anonymous grading
  • Publish results
  • Feedback
  • Access results and feedback
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Digiexam has transformed our exam process into something scalable and transparent that administration, teachers and students enjoy, we can't imagine going back now.