Account manager role update (and some more updates)

By Kenan Tulic

Account manager updates

Account managers can now create (support article) student accounts and delete (support article) empty student accounts.
Before the update student accounts could only be created by the DigiExam support team or when a student that previously didn’t have an account started their first exam an account would automatically be created for the student. This contributed to a lot of junk data on the schools/organizations where duplicated student accounts would appear in and clutter the student search.
Account managers also have a new import view that shows a detailed history of all created student accounts.

Teacher and administrator updates

There are also updates that are limited to the teacher and administrator roles that are worth mentioning.
In the groups view, activated student accounts on the school/organization are now searchable when adding them to a class and only students that exist on the school/organization can be added to a class.
Before the update students needed to be added by manually filling in all student details.Teachers and administrator updates

Teacher, administrator and account manager updates

Some of the updates targets all staff roles (teacher, administrator, account manager) and includes an improved student search where it’s now possible to search for first and last name, student code, e-mail and accessibility settings. The search hits corresponding to the search input will be highlighted as well to clearly point out the results.
Before the update only first and last name was searchable parameters.

One big change with existing student accounts is that students who already have an existing DigiExam user account will have to give consent to additional schools or organizations that add the user based on the same e-mail address. This is so their personal data is not automatically added from their existing user account without their permission.
Until consent is given, the student information (except for the e-mail address used to add the account) will be hidden in the student search.

Student updates

One of the changes for students is that student consent now have to be given as mentioned above.
The biggest change might be that student accounts cannot be automatically created any longer. A student account must now be created by the account manager.
Before the update student accounts could also be created the first time a student started an exam in the DigiExam client which is no longer possible.
Student’s with multiple student accounts will now see their exams per organization. Students can change organization by clicking on the current organization in the drop down menu that can be found in the top-left corner in the web application.
Before the update all exams the student had written would appear in DigiExam on one single page.