Important information regarding new student accounts

By Kenan Tulic

Welcome to a new academic year with DigiExam!

Starting on Monday, August 24th, all new students need to be generated by an Account Manager at your school/organization before being able to start and hand in an exam. Exams can also be started via USB but can then only be handed in when the actual student account exists in DigiExam.

All existing accounts in DigiExam are already activated and can continue to be used as usual.

A tool for generating student accounts, both in bulk and one at a time will be released for all Account Managers on August 24th. 

Please note! New student accounts can no longer be created by allowing students to take a test exam which previously created an account automatically.

New student accounts automatically provisioned through an LMS, SAML or Skolon integration are not affected by the update and will continue to work as before.

This change will fully put the student account creation and in the hands of the schools/organizations and account managers.
It is also a huge step in preventing junk data from automatically created student accounts from entering the system. On top of that it is also the first step towards a full Single-Sign-On solution when taking exams in the DigiExam client.

More information can be found in the Knowledge Centre and in another blog post that will be release together with the update.