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New feature: SPELL CHECK

Spell check has undoubtably been the highest requested feature from DigiExam users. Spell check is simple, it allows students to focus on context rather than spelling.


Lead Frontend developer Kenneth, answers your questions  about the new release.

Which languages will spell check be provided for?

We will start with two languages, Swedish, English (UK) and English (US) . Additional languages will be added if the need is required in the future.

Which platforms will spell check be compatible for?

Spell check  works on Windows, Mac os x, Chromebook and Ipad.

How does spell check work for teachers?

Spell check is per default off in DigiExam. To activate it, teachers choose to either limit the feature to specific students or all students taking the exam.

spell check pic

How does spell check effect students and teachers?

Students are now given the opportunity to improve their language skills and spelling. They also have the option to view the spell check correction during or after their writing. For teachers this means even more efficient grading, since they don’t have to spend time on interpret misspelled words.

Teachers, here is an demonstration on how to enable spell check in English and in Swedish.

Contact us if you have further questions about spell check or DigiExam in general

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