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Prevent misuse of AI, ensure academic integrity, and offer dual academic pathways for your students through Digiexam’s online exam creator software.

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What is Digiexam?

Digiexam is the leading online exam platform in New Zealand in terms of user experience and reliability. We provide easy-to-use software to manage your end-to-end exam workflow. During 10+ years in business, 350 000+ end-users have submitted 15 000 000+ exams via Digiexam. The platform is powerful on its own but connects to your LMS, via the LTI standard. 

Take charge and make the switch to digital exams today. Equip your students for success in NCEA, IB, or CIE while upholding the highest standards of academic honesty in the era of AI.

How are we different?

Lockdown Technology

  • Offline Mode
  • Academic Integrity
  • Zero Maintenance
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User Experience

  • Easy to Use
  • Widespread Adoption
  • Accessibility Tools
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Dedicated to Success

  • 99% Customer Satisfaction
  • Strategy Advisor
  • Best Practices for Implementation
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Capterra reviews

Digiexam is an easy to use, feature-rich, lockdown examination environment, which was exactly the product we were looking for. But most importantly, Digiexam just works.

Ben Dallimore
Ben Dallimore The Cathedral School

Features of Digiexam



Special needs


Secure lockdown

Prevent AI and cheating

works offline

Offline mode


external tools

External tools

Add media or other resources

exam library

Exam library

In one place, share and collaborate

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How is Digiexam’s Online Exam Software used in New Zealand

High-stakes exams

Using Digiexam and the lockdown application to prevent prepared documents or AI during the assessment in order to maintain academic integrity, the authenticity of student work, and fairness to all students. 
Digiexam is designed to reliably and safely power your whole exam lifecycle.

Mock exams

Using Digiexam for internal exams and mock exams to prepare for NCEA level 1, level 2 and level 3. 
Preparing for national exams as well as digital readiness as the country moves to digital assessments. 


Offering dual pathways in order to match students' preferences for assessment to the qualification.


Offering students dual academic pathways.

NCEA: The National Certificate of Educational Achievement 
IB: The International Baccalaureate
CIE: Cambridge International Examinations 


What is an online exam creator software?

Exam creator software refers to digital platforms that give educators and organizations the necessary tools to create, administer, and grade exams or quizzes over the internet. It aims to simplify the examination process by offering a range of features to ensure efficient and secure assessments. Digiexam’s online exam system provides features like assessment creation, automated grading, and performance analytics.

What is the difference between an online exam creator software and an online testing software?

Exam creator software and online testing software are used interchangeably and refer to digital platforms that allow educators and organizations to create, administer, and grade exams or quizzes over the internet. Both aim to simplify the examination process by offering a range of features to ensure efficient and secure assessments.

How do I make my online exam on the Digiexam software?

  1. To create an online exam using Digiexam’s online exam tool, first, log in through your web browser and navigate to the 'Exam' page. Click on '+ Create new exam' or choose an existing one from the 'Exam Library'. Configure your exam settings, including assessment type and time limit.
  2. You can then schedule the exam and select participants either by Exam ID or by grouping.
  3. During the test, monitor students' progress in real-time.
  4. Finally, use our efficient grading options to evaluate and provide feedback directly to your students' Digiexam accounts. 
For further details on how Digiexam works, see our platform overview.

Can I create an assessment test through Digiexam?

Yes, Digiexam allows for a variety of assessment formats, including multiple-choice, true or false, short-answer, and essay-type questions. You can even mix different question types within a single test, making it a versatile tool for educators.

Is there an option to integrate Digiexam with the learning management system that my school uses?

Digiexam provides API-based integrations to connect with popular Learning Management Systems (LMS). This makes it easier for schools to integrate exams with their existing educational infrastructure. Explore what integrations our platform allows.

Where can I reach out for support while using Digiexam’s online exam software?

For immediate support, Digiexam offers multiple channels for assistance. You can contact the support team through live chat on the website, send an email, or refer to the support section that includes FAQs and instructional guides.

What features does Digiexam’s online exam tool provide?

Digiexam offers an array of features to streamline the examination process. These include various assessment formats like multiple-choice and essay questions, automated grading for quick and accurate results, and real-time monitoring to track student progress. The platform is designed for ease of use, ensuring an efficient and secure testing environment