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Explore our online assessment platform for teachers and learn how Digiexam helps you to safely and reliably power your whole assessment lifecycle.

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Benefits of Online Assessments for Students & Teachers


Fair and Impartial Assessments

Online assessments offer a more equitable and objective approach to student evaluation. By using an online exam tool for teachers, educators can grade anonymously, significantly reducing the influence of unconscious biases.
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Enhanced Exam Creation and Grading Processes

Online assessment platforms for teachers revolutionize the way exams are created and graded. Educators can rapidly develop new tests or adapt existing ones, drawing from personal libraries or shared resources. Advanced features such as automatic grading not only boost teacher efficiency but also speed up the delivery of feedback to students, enhancing the learning experience.

Robust Exam Security

Digital platforms integrate advanced proctoring features to uphold the integrity of assessments. Functions like device and browser lockdown prevent students from accessing external information during exams. Automated cheating systems reinforce exam security and online proctoring tools simplify the monitoring process for teachers, making it more efficient compared to traditional methods.
Comprehensive Virtual System

Accessibility and Convenience

Online assessments for students offer unparalleled accessibility and convenience. The flexibility to take exams from any location, coupled with the ability to use familiar digital tools, can significantly reduce exam anxiety. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for students with different learning needs, providing them with a comfortable and familiar environment to showcase their knowledge.
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Real-time Feedback and Learning Insights

Online assessments for students facilitate immediate feedback, allowing them to understand their performance and areas for improvement quickly. The data collected from these assessments can provide valuable insights into learning patterns, helping educators tailor their teaching methods to better meet the needs of their students.


An online assessment platform for teachers offers a high degree of convenience. Teachers gain access to an easy-to-navigate interface to create, schedule, and grade the exam. The intuitive interface and advanced functionalities also benefit the students, creating a streamlined examination process where they won’t be disrupted by poor internet connection or struggling with the technology.

Everything you Need in an Online Exam Tool for Teachers

The Digiexam online exam tool for teachers provides everything you need to enter the new world of digital education, empowering the examination lifecycle from start to end.

Online Proctoring (addon)

Optional online proctoring tool, enabling automated and in-person online proctoring with ID verification, open chat, and credibility reports.

Device lockdown

The device lockdown feature locks the students’ devices to ensure they can only access the institution’s choice of online resources.

Online & Offline

The Digiexam platform offers offline compatibility, ensuring the students won’t get disrupted if their internet connection slows down or drops altogether.

Environment independent

Runs perfectly both in managed environments and with BYOD setups. Compatible with PC, Mac, managed Chromebooks, and iPads.

Co-grading with Colleagues

Receive additional input and perspective from colleagues without the hassle of physical papers.

Automatic & anonymous grading

Digiexam’s online formative and summative assessment tools for teachers enable automatic and anonymous grading where teachers can choose either to grade per student or question.

How does the Digiexam platform work?

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Features of our Online Exam Tool for Teachers



Academic integrity can never be compromised.

  • Lockdown application
  • Closed sourced code (highest security)
  • Third-party security audits
  • Third-party penetration tests
  • Online proctoring
  • EU and US servers
  • GDPR Compliant



Our customers can’t afford lost exams or lost answers.

  • Cloud-based (99,9% uptime)
  • Offline exam compatibility
  • Autosave every 10 seconds
  • Automatic updates
  • World-class support
  • Proprietary technology
  • Zero maintenance


Easy to use

Easy-implemented online exam system that supports the whole examination lifecycle.

  • LMS integration through LTI
  • User friendly interface
  • High adoption
  • Modern accessibility tools
  • Anonymous grading
  • External tools
  • QTI import
  • Collaborative grading

Support when you need it

Knowledge Center

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What our customers say

As the University continues to pursue a remote assessment strategy for all courses, confidence in the systems we use to support exam integrity is vital.

Maggie Gibson Birmingham City University

Digiexam receives a lot of attention in the south of Germany since a lot of people share the belief that it will be the only product that will meet the regulatory and data privacy requirements for future online testing.

Dr. Martin Franzen Aalen University

We have students all over Sweden and abroad and they need to be able to complete their exams regardless of location. Digiexam's proctoring solution has become a key success factor for us at FEI.

Magnus Rolf Företagsekonomiska Institutet

Better Assessments for Your Institution

Digiexam is based in Sweden, known for having one of the world's top education systems. Our online exam tool is built on proprietary technology that has been developed in close collaboration with teachers and schools. As a result, we offer a reliable and trusted solution that is loved by educators worldwide. Our platform offers a safe and secure way for departments, students, teachers, and examination bodies to conduct all types of online assessments for students.

FAQ – Online Assessment Platform for Teachers & Students

What is an online assessment tool?

An online assessment tool is a digital system used to create, administer, and evaluate exams or tests through the internet. It allows educators and administrators to design a variety of test types, distribute them digitally, and manage the assessment process remotely. 

Key features include secure test-taking environments with integrity safeguards like browser lockdowns and proctoring tools, as well as accessibility options for diverse learners. These platforms streamline the testing process, making it more efficient, accessible, and adaptable to various educational and professional needs.

What types of online assessments are there?

Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions can opt for different types of assessments. Different types of online assessments for teachers differ based on more than one element and include various components to test students’ skills at different times. Teachers may use one or all depending on their needs. Some of the more common online assessments for teachers include:

  • Diagnostic assessments (Pre-assessment) are performed before beginning a course, program, or semester. It is used to assess the students’ previous knowledge to understand their basics and exposure to the topic.
  • Formative assessments take place midway through a course, program, or semester to assess the students’ current level of knowledge to gauge and guide (or form) the learning process. Formative assessment tests give valuable insights into how effectively the students learn from the provided material.
  • Interim assessments are administered periodically during the duration of the complete course, program, or semester. Interim assessment generally falls somewhere between formative and summative assessment. Its purposes are to evaluate where the students are in their learning process and to determine whether they are on track or not to perform well on future assessments and examinations.
  • Summative assessments are the final tests given to students at the end of a course, program, or semester. They measure the students’ learning and reaction to what has been taught during the course or semester. Summative assessments are usually high-stakes exams with a high point value that weigh heavily on a student’s grades.