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Prevent misuse of AI, uphold academic integrity, and streamline your examination process with Digiexam, the foremost online exam solution for schools in New York.

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What is Digiexam?

Digiexam is a robust online exam software tailored for schools across New York. Our platform offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your entire exam workflow, from creation to grading. With over a decade of expertise, we've proudly served over 350 000 end-users, facilitating more than 15 000 000+ exams. Not just designed as a standalone system, Digiexam integrates effortlessly with your Learning Management System (LMS) via the LTI standard. 

Now's the time for New York schools to harness the advantages of digital exams. Ensure your students are set for academic success, all the while maintaining the gold standard of academic integrity in this age of advancing AI.



How are we different?

Lockdown Technology

  • Offline Mode
  • Academic Integrity
  • Zero Maintenance
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User Experience

  • Easy to Use
  • Widespread Adoption
  • Accessibility Tools
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Dedicated to Success

  • 99% Customer Satisfaction
  • Strategy Advisor
  • Best Practices for Implementation
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Capterra reviews

Digiexam is an easy to use, feature-rich, lockdown examination environment, which was exactly the product we were looking for. But most importantly, Digiexam just works.

Ben Dallimore
Ben Dallimore The Cathedral School

Features of Digiexam



Special needs


Secure lockdown

Prevent AI and cheating

works offline

Offline mode


external tools

External tools

Add media or other resources

exam library

Exam library

In one place, share and collaborate

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How Digiexam’s Online Exam Software can Support Schools in Texas

High-stakes exams

Utilize Digiexam in conjunction with the lockdown application to prohibit the use of pre-made documents or AI during evaluations. This ensures the preservation of academic integrity, confirms the genuineness of student submissions, and guarantees fairness for all examinees. 
Digiexam is crafted to consistently and securely oversee the entirety of your examination process.

Mock exams

Utilize Digiexam for internal assessments and preliminary tests to adequately prepare students for exams across various grade levels. Join the ranks of esteemed institutions such as Crystal Springs Uplands School and the Hewitt School, who have already embraced digital examinations through Digiexam.
Gear up for evaluations and boost digital readiness as the state continues its transition to online assessments.

Classroom focus tool

The Digiexam platform can be utilized for assignments and as a focus tool during lessons to consolidate your students onto one reliable platform in a controlled environment. Its streamlined interface makes assignment management a breeze, while its aids in maintaining a distraction-free learning environment during lessons.


Ensure every student can focus in class on their assignments.


What is an online exam creator software?

Online exam creator software is a digital solution that enables educators and institutions to design, administer, and grade assessments on the internet. The primary purpose is to streamline and optimize the examination process, and platforms like Digiexam offer features such as test creation, auto-grading, and analytics.

How is an online exam creator software different from an online testing software?

They aren’t. The terms refer to the same types of digital tools and are used interchangeably.

How can I create an online exam with Digiexam?

First, access Digiexam via your browser and head to the 'Exam' section. Click on '+ Create new exam' or pick an existing test from the 'Exam Library'. Configure your desired settings, including type of test and duration. Schedule the exam, select participants by Exam ID or group, monitor their performance live, and then grade efficiently, providing feedback directly.  Read more about how to use Digiexam.

Does Digiexam support various assessment formats?

Absolutely. Digiexam caters to a range of assessment formats, from multiple-choice and essay-type questions to true/false queries. It even allows for the combination of various question types within a single exam, ensuring flexibility for educators.

Can Digiexam integrate with the LMS our school utilizes?

Yes, Digiexam offers LTI integration for popular Learning Management Systems. This facilitates a smoother integration of exams with your existing academic infrastructure.  Discover the platform's integration capabilities.

How can I seek support when using Digiexam’s online exam tool?

Digiexam prioritizes user support. Reach out to our support team via live chat, send an email, or consult the dedicated support section, complete with FAQs and instructional materials.

What features does Digiexam’s online exam tool offer for schools?

Digiexam provides a suite of features aimed at simplifying the exam process. These comprise various assessment formats, automated grading for prompt and precise results, and real-time monitoring capabilities. Designed for user convenience, it promises a secure and effective testing environment.