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Discover our advanced Online Proctoring System for a seamless exam administration. Elevate your institution's assessment capabilities while safeguarding credibility. For a tailored solution, schedule a consultation today.

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Features of Digiexam’s Online Proctoring System

User friendly

Identity Verification

Ensure academic integrity right from the start with our robust identity verification. Using facial recognition, ID scanning, or even biometric authentication, Digiexam confirms that the test-taker is indeed who they claim to be, eliminating opportunities for impersonation.

Secure Browser

Worried about cheating? Our locked-down browser ensures that test-takers can't browse the internet, copy-paste information, or access unauthorized software, providing you with a secure and distraction-free testing environment.

Real-Time Monitoring

Whether you prefer AI or human oversight, real-time monitoring through webcams and microphones detects suspicious activities instantly. With Digiexam’s online proctoring system, you get real-time alerts, allowing for immediate action to preserve test integrity.
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Record and Review

Maintain a high level of scrutiny even after the test is over. Every exam session is recorded and securely stored for later review. This ensures that no instances of misconduct go undetected or unaddressed.

Analytics and Reporting

Our advanced analytics provide comprehensive post-exam reports. The system flags unusual behavior during the online proctored test, so educators and administrators can easily assess and confirm the integrity of each examination.


Integration Capabilities

Make your administrative tasks simpler by integrating Digiexam’s online proctoring system with your existing Learning Management System (LMS). This allows for a smooth, hassle-free user experience for both administrators and students.

How does the Digiexam platform work?

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Why Digiexam?



Academic integrity can never be compromised.

  • Lockdown application
  • Closed sourced code (highest security)
  • Third-party security audits
  • Third-party penetration tests
  • Online proctoring
  • EU and US servers
  • GDPR Compliant



Our customers can’t afford lost exams or lost answers.

  • Cloud-based (99.9% uptime)
  • Offline exam compatibility
  • Autosave every 10 seconds
  • Automatic updates
  • World-class support
  • Proprietary technology
  • Zero maintenance


Easy to use

Easy-implemented online exam system that supports the whole examination lifecycle.

  • LMS integration through LTI
  • User friendly interface
  • High adoption
  • Modern accessibility tools
  • Anonymous grading
  • External tools
  • QTI import
  • Collaborative grading

Support when you need it

Knowledge Center

Submit a support ticket, access documentation, and find your answers to frequently asked questions in our knowledge center.


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What our customers say

As the University continues to pursue a remote assessment strategy for all courses, confidence in the systems we use to support exam integrity is vital.

Maggie Gibson Birmingham City University

Digiexam receives a lot of attention in the south of Germany since a lot of people share the belief that it will be the only product that will meet the regulatory and data privacy requirements for future online testing.

Dr. Martin Franzen Aalen University

We have students all over Sweden and abroad and they need to be able to complete their exams regardless of location. Digiexam's proctoring solution has become a key success factor for us at FEI.

Magnus Rolf Företagsekonomiska Institutet

Sprung from higher education. Built out of Sweden.

Digiexam is based in Sweden, known for having one of the world's top public education systems. Our online exam system is built on proprietary technology that has been developed in close collaboration with teachers and students. As a result, we offer a reliable and trusted solution that is loved by educators worldwide.

FAQ: Online Proctoring System

What is an online proctoring system?

An online proctoring system is a technology-based solution designed to monitor and supervise online exams or assessments remotely. It allows proctors or invigilators to supervise the exam-taking process from a remote location, using a range of monitoring tools such as live video and audio feeds, screen sharing, and AI-based algorithms. Online proctoring systems can help to prevent cheating and maintain academic integrity, particularly in the context of remote or online learning. They provide a secure and reliable way to conduct exams and assessments, while ensuring fairness and integrity in the testing process.

What are the benefits of an online proctoring system?

Online proctoring enhances exam integrity, offers scheduling flexibility, and reduces administrative burden. It allows both students and institutions to engage in assessments without the constraints of location and time.

What are the pros and cons of an online proctoring system?

Pros include scalability, cost-efficiency, and robust anti-cheating measures. Cons may involve technical issues, potential privacy concerns, and the need for stable internet connectivity.

How are online exams proctored in the Digiexam’s software?

Digiexam uses multi-layered methods such as AI-driven monitoring, identity verification, and real-time alerts for suspicious activity. It integrates seamlessly with Learning Management Systems for a comprehensive proctoring solution.

What types of proctoring are available in the Digiexam software?

Digiexam offers automated proctoring powered by AI, as well as live, in-person proctoring options. It also allows additional mobile camera angles and real-time communication with test-takers through a chat feature.