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For students

What are the system requirements for the DigiExam client?

You can find the system requirements by clicking here.

Where can I see my results?

You can see your results by logging in to your DigiExam account which can be found online, click here to go to the login page. You will find an overview of the exams you have written with DigiExam and you can also see results of the exams your teachers have published.


How often are my answers saved?

Your answers are saved every 10 seconds during the time you work in the DigiExam client. The answers are saved both locally on your computer and also on DigiExams servers (as long as you have an active internet connection). If something happens during the exam and you need to restart your computer you can continue writing the exam after the restart with a maximum text loss of 10 seconds.

How do I write an exam with DigiExam?

The exams are written in the DigiExam client which is intuitive and reliable. Click here to go to the installation manuals for the DigiExam client.

For teachers

Some of my students handed in their answers offline on a USB-device. How do I grade the answers in the offline answer file?

The offline answer file contains the students’ answers and is not made to be graded in the state you receive it on the USB device. Instead, go to the examination that the offline answer file belongs to in your teacher account in DigiExam. You can then upload the offline answer file to the examination by clicking the “Upload offline answer file” button.

Click here to go to the article that explains offline files and offline answer files in detail.

How to upload offline answer file

Click here to go to the article that explains offline files and offline answer files in detail.

How do I allow students to use spell check in an exam?

Click here to go to the article that explains how to use spell check in detail.