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Protect academic integrity by preventing AI and cheating. Give back valuable time to your educators while offering the best student experience with Digiexam.

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What is Digiexam?

Digiexam is the leading exam platform in the US for K-12 schools in terms of user experience and reliability. We provide easy-to-use software to manage your end-to-end exam workflow. During 10+ years in business, 350 000+ end-users have submitted 15 000 000+ exams via Digiexam. The platform is powerful on its own but connects to your LMS, via the LTI standard. 

Take charge and make the switch to digital exams today. Equip your students for success while upholding the highest standards of academic honesty in the era of AI.



Data Analytics and Reporting

44% of teens intend to have AI do their schoolwork this fall, and 60% consider this 'cheating.

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How are we different?

Lockdown Technology

  • Offline Mode
  • Academic Integrity
  • Zero Maintenance
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User Experience

  • Easy to Use
  • Widespread Adoption
  • Accessibility Tools
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Dedicated to Success

  • 99% Customer Satisfaction
  • Strategy Advisor
  • Best Practices for Implementation
Capterra reviews

Digiexam is an easy to use, feature-rich, lockdown examination environment, which was exactly the product we were looking for. But most importantly, Digiexam just works.

Ben Dallimore
Ben Dallimore The Cathedral School

Most valued features for K-12



Special needs


Secure lockdown

Prevent AI and cheating

works offline

Offline mode


external tools

External tools

Add media or other resources

exam library

Exam library

In one place, share and collaborate

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How Digiexam is used in the US

High-stakes exams

Using Digiexam and the lockdown application to prevent prepared documents or AI during the assessment in order to maintain academic integrity, the authenticity of student work, and fairness to all students. 
It's being used for high-stakes exams where security, integrity, and preventing AI are of utmost importance. 

Assignments and lecture tool

The platform is also being used for assignments and/or as a focus tool during lessons to gather your students in one reliable platform and in a controlled environment. It provides quicker feedback to students as well as saving time for teachers. 

Customizable Assessments

Focus tool for assignments that ensures a controlled environment for students and teachers.