Key success factors for implementing an online exam platform

By Pelle Englund

At Digiexam we understand that a technical implementation requires a human touch and from our wide experience of globally implementing our online examination platform, we also understand that partnership is a key to success. 

Our mission during the onboarding is to identify the key factors for academic success and the highest ROI possible. A strive for academic success is key for all of us at Digiexam and we firmly believe in the value of a partner that cares about the project and has a shared vision of a successful implementation and wide adoption.

The Digiexam customer success team will lead the way and focus on the key factors to assist our customers from the get-go. We focus on the partnership in four areas during the onboarding period.


This is an educational institution, not just another IT project

All IT systems are implemented for business reasons and new technology is introduced to support an improvement process or to solve a problem, in Digiexam's case the delivery of reliable high-stakes exams.

The institutional needs and business requirements together with a clear vision for academic success are the responsibility of the whole project team. If we focus on how to support the faculty and student benefits of online exams, the implementation will be rewarded with academic success. Key stakeholders have access to the Customer Portal with useful information such as created/shared documents and playbooks, added tasks and follow-up actions, and as the implementation proceeds also insights into the usage and data.


The success of the success plan

In most areas of business, preparation is key to success and especially when implementing a software solution. We use the Customer Portal to identify the main stakeholders that will be affected by the project and create a success plan. Based on the plan created we define clear success criteria of the first implementation period, including the key stakeholders’ input and the key factors measured. The lessons learned from these can later inform and direct the strategy for wider adoption. 

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Key stakeholders - assemble the right team

There’s no “we” in key stakeholders either, but implementing a new vital part of a digital ecosystem is more than just pressing play on a button. However, with Digiexam’s ease of use, it’s also simple enough to keep the number of involved people down and to keep the onboarding focused and straightforward. 

The success plan keeps the objectives and deliverables clearly identified together with clear responsibilities. A key part of any project team includes the “Super-users” or early adopters who will anchor the project on a ground level. It is vital to listen closely to the opinions of those who work every day with high-stakes examinations and who are directly affected by the implementation.

One of the goals of the project is not to simply digitalize existing processes, it is to improve the processes themselves with a more effective solution. We understand that provided correctly, the objectives and deliverables ensure a commitment and buy-in from all stakeholders. 

Your customer success manager will guide you through the implementation steps and later discuss strategic actions based on your progress. With scheduled follow-ups like the "Executive Business Review", your usage and data can define wider adoption and new success criteria.


Support - you have chosen the right teammate

The Digiexam online examination platform will continue to evolve under your journey and the usage and processes will be improved further along the way. Ease of use and reliability are the two pillars that Digiexam was founded on, together with great support and documentation. You can be sure we will go above and beyond to ensure elevated support during the initial onboarding process. 

We always strive to give you the best possible support during the implementation process and we’ll try to set a benchmark standard from there before you’re going into the next step of wider adoption.

Digiexam was built on student and teacher feedback, we encourage ongoing suggestions for improvements and set up a process with the customers through which these can be prioritized and acted on.

We understand and act on the fact that partnership is key and that a successful implementation will impact the ongoing support and maintenance costs.