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What’s in it for you?

Let's focus on the most important part: What's in it for you?

Teacher / ICT

Teacher / ICT

  • Make your assessment process more efficient
  • Co-grade with colleagues
  • Create and collaborate in a reliable, intuitive platform
  • Everything is stored in one place
  • Support for formative feedback
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School / Organization

  • Fair and unbiased grading
  • Individualized student accessibility settings
  • Supports BYOD and managed environments
  • Works offline and online
  • Zero maintenance
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  • Automatic saving every 10 seconds
  • Works on PC, Mac, Chromebook and iPad
  • Type more efficiently
  • Works both online and offline
  • Meet student needs with accessibility settings

Product features

What are the most important features?

    Teachers Create

  • Create exams simply and efficiently
  • Everything is saved in your Exam library
  • Reuse exams and questions
  • Share and collaborate with colleagues
  • Start or schedule exams easily

    Students Write

  • Supports offline start and submission
  • Safe and reliable software that locks down the device during the exam/assessment
  • Auto-update: no burden on the students and IT-departments
  • Saves your answers every 10 seconds, minimal risk of losing data
  • Spell check, Text to speech

    Teachers Grade and Publish Feedback

  • Choose to grade per student or per question
  • Co-grading of questions and whole exams
  • Anonymous grading
  • Intuitive annotation tool for text answers and support for formative feedback
  • Auto correction of Multiple choice and Word gap types of questions
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Product Q&A

What is the difference between DigiExam and Online exams?

DigiExam works both online and offline - it switches seamlessly to offline mode if students lose network connection during a session.

DigiExam is a full scale platform with tools to create, plan, supervise, write/take, grade, publish and follow up exams for teachers, students and school administrators.

Who is using DigiExam?

DigiExam is used on a large scale in both K12 and Higher Education all over the world. Students and teachers create and take exams on a daily basis. We stand proud in our product and invite you to speak to any of our existing customers or read our user stories.

Do we need constant access to wi-fi?

No, you can run an exam completely offline. If you get disconnected during an exam DigiExam will automatically switch you to Offline mode. Exams can be handed in both online and offline.

DigiExam recovers student answers

What platforms are supported?

Windows, Mac OS X, iOS (iPad), Chrome OS (Chromebooks).

How do I know that the student device support DigiExam?

We support most of the devices and platforms used by schools today. For a full specification please visit our support page:

What system preferences are required?

DigiExam has very low system requirements, please see a full specification here:

Can you implement DigiExam in an entire organisation?

Yes, DigiExam can easily be used both by individual teachers as well as entire schools and organisations. The platform supports shared exam creation and grading for teachers and the ability for administrators to manage user accounts and access.

Do you need MDM for iPads?

No, DigiExam has a partnership with Apple that enables us to provide an assessment application for iPads which does not require an MDM-system.

What happens if a student device runs out of battery in the middle of an exam?

The exam is saved every 10 seconds, just restart the student device and ask the exam supervisor to unlock the exam. The student can then resume writing from where the student left off.

What happens if internet is down when starting or ending the exam?

All exams have the option to be started/handed in offline by an administrator using a USB.

Where is all the information stored?

The information is saved on DigiExam's servers and locally on the student device.

Who owns the content?

The customers own all content they create within the organisation. DigiExam will not share or display any of your generated material.

How does the student start the exam?

The student writes the exam in a lock down client. There are two ways to start an exam:

Exam ID: by filling in the unique exam id in the DigiExam client, provided by the exam supervisor.

Group: The student only needs to enter their user details in the DigiExam client and click on “Find exam” to find and start the exam. The exam supervisor/teacher has already added all students that are eligible to take the exam to a group before the exam starts.

How much memory does DigiExam require?

Please see our technical specification support page for a full specification for all platforms.

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