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What’s in it for you?

Let's focus on the most important part: What's in it for you?


Teacher / ICT

  • Make your assessment process more efficient
  • Co-grade with colleagues
  • Create and collaborate in a reliable, intuitive platform
  • Everything is stored in one place
  • Support for formative feedback

School / Organization

  • Fair and unbiased grading
  • Individualized student accessibility settings
  • Supports BYOD and managed environments
  • Works offline and online
  • Zero maintenance


  • Automatic saving every 10 seconds
  • Works on PC, Mac, Chromebook and iPad
  • Type more efficiently
  • Works both online and offline
  • Meet student needs with accessibility settings

Product features

What are the most important features?


Teachers Create

  • Create exams simply and efficiently
  • Everything is saved in your Exam library
  • Reuse exams and questions
  • Share and collaborate with colleagues
  • Start or schedule exams easily
student write

Students Write

  • Supports offline start and submission
  • Safe and reliable software that locks down the device during the exam/assessment
  • Auto-update: no burden on the students and IT-departments
  • Saves your answers every 10 seconds, minimal risk of losing data
  • Spell check, Text to speech

Teachers Grade and Publish Feedback

  • Choose to grade per student or per question
  • Co-grading of questions and whole exams
  • Anonymous grading
  • Intuitive annotation tool for text answers and support for formative feedback
  • Auto correction of Multiple choice and Word gap types of questions

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