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What’s in it for you?

Ok, now you know it's really easy. But let's focus on the most important part: What's in it for you?

Teacher / ICT

Teacher / ICT

  • You save up to 50% working time
  • You can co-grade with colleagues
  • Create digital exams and assessments in a reliable, intuitive platform
  • You have everything in one place
School or Organization Icon

School / Organization

  • You save up to 50% working time
  • Your increased time enhances educational quality
  • You save money & environment by reducing paper use
  • You don't have to invest in hardware that gets outdated
  • You remove teacher bias by anonymous grading
  • Intuitive digital exam and assessment platform that's easy to use
Student icon


  • You write faster on the computer than by hand
  • You can edit/delete written text
  • You use your own familiar device
  • Forget about writer's cramp
  • Reliable platform that works both online and offline

Now to the product!

What are the most important features?

    Teachers Create

  • Create exams simply and efficiently
  • Everything is saved in your Exam library
  • Reuse exams and questions
  • Share exams with colleagues
  • Drag & drop to activate exams immediately

    Students Write

  • Offline start and submission
  • Safe and reliable software that locks down the device during the exam/assessment
  • Auto-update: no burden on the students and IT-departments
  • Drawing tool
  • Spell check

    Teachers Grade & Feedback

  • Choose to grade per student or per question
  • Co-grading of questions and whole exams
  • Anonymous grading
  • Intuitive annotation tool for text answers
  • Auto correction of single-choice questions

Supported platforms:

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Product Q&A

What's the difference between DigiExam and online exams?

Online exam are dependent of online connectivity and has poor recovery possibility. DigiExam handle both online and offline exams, switch seamlessly to offline mode if the student gets disconnected during a session. DigiExam recovers the students answers if any unforeseen incidents would appear.

DigiExam is also so much more, it is a full scale platform with tools to create, plan, supervise, write/take, grade, publish and follow up exams for teachers, students and school administrators.

How can I trust that DigiExam will work?

DigiExam is already used in large scale within many well known schools around the world with students and teachers creating and taking exams on a daily basis. We stand proud in our product and invite you to speak to any of our existing customers or read Testimonials. etc….

Do we need constant access to wi-fi?

No, you can run an exam totally offline. DigiExam will seamless handle if you get disconnected during a exam and automatically switch you to Offline mode. Exams can be handed in both in offline mode and online.

Which platforms are supported?

Windows, Mac OS X, iOS (iPad), Chrome OS (Chromebooks).

How do I know that the students' computers support DigiExam?

We support the most of the computers and platforms used by schools today. For a full specification please visit our support page:

What system preferences are required?

DigiExam has very low system requirements, please see a full specification here ( Note that iPads need to be managed within a MDM system.

Can you implement DigiExam schoolwide?

Yes, DigiExam can easily be used both by individual teachers as well as large schools and institutions. The platform supports shared exam creation and grading for teachers and the ability for administrators to manage user accounts and access.

Do you need MDM for iPads?

No, DigiExam has a partnership with Apple that enables us to provide an assessment application for iPads which does not require a MDM-system.

What happens if the computer crashes when you are writing offline?

The exam is saved every 10 seconds, so restart your computer and ask the exam supervisor to unlock the exam. You can then continue writing the exam from the place you were when the computer crashed with a loss of maximum 10 seconds worth of answers.

What happens if the internet is down during the exam?

All exams have the option to be started offline by an administrator using a USB key.

Where is all information stored?

The information is always saved locally on the computer where the exam is written and also on DigiExams servers as long as there is an active internet connection.

Who own the content?

You as a customer own all generated content from within your organization. DigiExam will not share or display any of your school records.

How does the connection between student and exam work?

Open exams:
The student finds an open exam by filling in the unique exam id provided by the exam supervisor in the DigiExam client.

Planned exams:
The student only needs to enter their user details in the DigiExam client and click on “Find exam” to find and start the exam. The exam supervisor/teacher has already added all students that are eligible to take the exam to a group before the exam starts.

How much memory does DigiExam require?

Please see our technical specification support page for a full specification for all platforms.

Does your organization / school want to know more?

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