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DigiExam is a secure platform for high stakes exams and academic tests. DigiExam interoperates with the following Learning Managements Systems

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Can’t find your LMS?

Get in touch and we will take a look if it supports integrating with DigiExam using LTI.



Easily integrate DigiExam with your LMS – and enable the most reliable and secure lock-down client on the market

  • Teachers/Administrators can create, schedule, monitor and grade assignments in DigiExam
  • Import questions/quizzes into the DigiExam exam library
  • Publish student feedback and grade sync to to your LMS gradebook


Easily added as an external tool for Single-Sign On access, along with student registration for the exam.

An intuitive and efficient exam platform that seamlessly integrates with your LMS

Supports both BYOD and managed IT-environments together with full offline support


Student perspective

Accommodate students’ different accessibility needs without additional effort.

Fair and unbiased grading and support for formative feedback.

No additional log in is needed

How it works

DigiExam supports the LTI standard created by IMS Global Learning Consortium. This standard allows DigiExam to integrate with the most commonly used Learning Management Systems in the market.

More info

See the following resources if you wish to find out more about using DigiExam together with your LMS.

Video of using DigiExam integrated with Canvas
Video of using DigiExam integrated with Canvas
help Center integration
Access the technical documentation for LTI in our Knowledge Center