Proctoring software for academic integrity

Each exam is a step closer to students achieving their academic and career goals. Ensure integrity and reliability with our automated proctoring software. 

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Features of the Digiexam’s online proctoring software

User friendly

ID Verification

Combat academic dishonesty before the exam has even begun. Our ID Verification feature matches high-resolution facial images or official IDs against each student’s profile. This ensures that only registered students take the exam, alleviating any identity-related concerns for educators.

Automated Proctoring

Remove the manual labor from monitoring exams. Digiexam's Automated Proctoring records all student activities and sends immediate alerts for suspicious behavior. This lets educators focus more on teaching, knowing that academic integrity is safeguarded.

In-Person Proctoring

For crucial exams that require personal oversight, our In-Person Proctoring feature provides real-time views of up to 30 students' screens, mics, and webcams. It offers educators a hands-on way to ensure a fair and focused exam environment.

Additional Mobile Camera

Don't let tech glitches disrupt the exam process. Our Additional Mobile Camera feature allows smartphones to be connected via QR codes, offering alternative viewpoints or covering for missing webcams. It's all about adaptability and thoroughness.

Open Chat

Facilitate direct communication without breaching protocol. Our Open Chat allows real-time text or video dialogue with students during the exam, logging all exchanges. Educators can swiftly approve breaks or address questions, all while keeping a transparent record.
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Credibility Report

Gain extra peace of mind with our Credibility Report. Beyond the main exam report, you'll receive additional data like event distribution, student profiles, and exam ratings, aiding in comprehensive post-exam reviews for academic integrity.

How does the Digiexam platform work?

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How does our proctoring software work?

Remote proctoring software plays an important role in monitoring online exams and ensuring academic integrity. The job of an online proctoring software is to make sure that test-takers are who they say they are and that they're taking the exam in a fair and honest way. Here's how it works:

  • Before the Exam: First, before the exam starts, the instructor or administrator sets up the proctored exam software and lays out the exam rules and settings. These rules might include things like no internet access, no screen sharing, and no external devices.
  • Identity Verification: Next up, Digiexam verifies the test-takers identity, matching high-resolution face photos, identification cards or passports against the student’s profile in the proctoring view.
  • Exam Monitoring: Once the identity is confirmed and the examination has begun, the online test proctoring software gets to work using video, screen, and audio recording to monitor the test-takers activity throughout the exam. The Digiexam's online exam software can pick up on strange behavior, like multiple faces, unusual head movements, or weird sounds.
  • Suspicious Activity Detection: If anything suspicious pops up, like if the test-taker looks away from the screen or tries to use an external device, the software will alert the proctor or the exam administrator if there is one present, and mark it down in the recording. The recording can be reviewed afterwards to identify any suspicious behavior to take action if necessary, like disqualifying the test-taker or launching an investigation.
  • Post-exam Review: Finally, after the exam is over, the software generates a report that summarizes the exam activity and any alerts that were generated. The proctor or exam administrator can review this report to identify any issues or concerns.

Why Digiexam?



Academic integrity can never be compromised.

  • Lockdown application
  • Closed source (highest security)
  • Third-party security audits
  • Third-party penetration tests
  • Online proctoring
  • EU and US servers
  • GDPR Compliant



Our customers can’t afford lost exams or lost answers.

  • Cloud-based (99,9% uptime)
  • Offline exam compatibility
  • Autosave every 10 seconds
  • Automatic updates
  • World-class support
  • Proprietary technology
  • Zero maintenance


Easy to use

Easy-implemented online exam system that supports the whole examination lifecycle.

  • LMS integration through LTI
  • User friendly interface
  • High adoption
  • Modern accessibility tools
  • Anonymous grading
  • External tools
  • QTI import
  • Collaborative grading

Support when you need it

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What our customers say

As the University continues to pursue a remote assessment strategy for all courses, confidence in the systems we use to support exam integrity is vital.

Maggie Gibson Birmingham City University

Digiexam receives a lot of attention in the south of Germany since a lot of people share the belief that it will be the only product that will meet the regulatory and data privacy requirements for future online testing.

Dr. Martin Franzen Aalen University

Even though we are a customer, we are in some ways in debt to Digiexam because we’ve saved some of our teachers many, many hours. Digiexam is a tool that helps teachers do their job more efficiently.

Eric Oest Toronto Prep School

Advantages of Online Test Proctoring Software

Features and benefits of using Digiexam

Selecting Digiexam empowers you with a solution that comprehensively addresses the challenges of modern education. Our software will transform how you conduct exams, save time, and reduce costs.

  • Unwavering Academic Integrity: Intelligent proctoring tools monitor for any dishonest behavior, ensuring that each exam reflects genuine student ability.
  • Scalability to Match Your Needs: Easily expand your exam offerings from a single classroom to multiple locations worldwide, all while reducing overhead costs.
  • Flexibility in Exam Delivery: Provide students the option to take exams either on-site or remotely, offering a comfortable environment that can aid performance.

FAQs: Remote Proctoring Software

What is proctoring software?

Online Proctoring software refers to computer programs or systems that are used to monitor and supervise students during an online exam. The software is typically used to prevent cheating by recording the student's screen, audio, and webcam, and flagging any suspicious activity.

How does proctoring software detect suspicious activity?

Online exam proctoring software uses a combination of algorithms and behavioral analytics to monitor student activity during an exam. It scans for irregularities like multiple faces on screen, abnormal eye movements, or unpermitted browser tabs, then flags these as suspicious for further review.

How are softwares trying to solve problems that occur with online proctoring?

To address common issues like false positives and technical glitches, online exam proctoring software is evolving to incorporate machine learning for better accuracy. Many now offer multi-device support and real-time human intervention options to minimize unfair penalization and ensure a smoother and reliable testing experience.