What is smart proctoring?

Smart proctoring refers to utilizing different features and tools powered by automation to proctor examinations, streamlining examinations for students and teachers while ensuring exam integrity and increasing reliability.

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Smart and automated proctoring

Understand what is smart and automated proctoring

Everyone teaches, learns, and tests differently. It’s important to meet instructors and students where they are with different teaching and learning styles throughout the whole examination lifecycle. That’s why we built Digiexam - a secure, robust, and smart platform that powers the new, better, and more efficient world of online exams. So that our customers can easily offer the best learning experience possible to the students.

Explore the world of smart and automated proctoring with us. Learn how the Digiexam platform’s smart proctoring features support your institution, teachers, and students.

What our smart proctoring does

This is how Digiexam's smart proctoring software ensures exam integrity

Monitors the student’s activities

During the exam, each student’s activity is recorded in a session with automatic notifications from behavioral trackers. Their screen, web camera, and microphone are recorded and presented in the proctor view. In addition to the auto proctoring, you can also have a person monitoring the students in real-time for extra security.

Record videos

The Digiexam proctoring solution provides authorized faculty members access to review any recorded video and audio with included flags for suspicious behavior the behavioral trackers may have identified during the examination.

Stores chat logs

During the exam, both students and teachers can initiate a chat. Teachers can use it to notify or inform students during the exam, and students can use it to request a break or similar. The chat logs all flagged events and will be stored and accessible to authorized faculty.

What our smart proctoring does not do

This is what Digiexam's smart proctoring does not do

We believe it’s important to be transparent about what our smart proctoring solution can and can’t do as people may have privacy or any other concerns about being recorded and monitored. Our proctoring solution does not:

  • Monitor anything outside of the active exam session.
  • Monitor network traffic or other devices other than the ones used during the exam session
  • Share any student information outside of the Digiexam platform and your LMS system.
  • Share the video and audio recorded during the exam session to any other entity or person other than within the student’s institution.
  • Sell/share the student’s information, including exam session recording, with any other entity or person.
  • Review browsing history or installed programs on the students' devices.

Advantages of auto proctoring

Advantages of Digiexam's auto proctoring solution

The Digiexam smart and auto proctoring solution consider a human proctor’s observations behavior using algorithms. It replicates how a human would process the information to flag suspicious behavior to prevent, detect, and gather evidence to deter cheating. Automated proctoring provides a flexible and credible way to manage and administer proctored exams. It eliminates manual and complex tasks better performed by a computer, complementing in-person proctoring where the human teacher’s capabilities sometimes fall short, thus ensuring a safe and reliable testing experience for all students and teachers. 

Learn more about the Digiexam proctoring software add-on, what features it includes, and what advantages it provides to you.


Can smart proctoring detect cheating in online exams?

Smart proctoring uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to detect potential cheating behaviors during online exams. This technology monitors various data points such as eye movement, background noise, and keystrokes to flag any suspicious activity. While it's not 100% foolproof, smart proctoring can significantly reduce cheating and help maintain academic integrity in online learning environments.

What are the benefits of using smart proctoring for online exams?

Using smart proctoring for online exams increases exam security to prevent cheating, ensuring academic integrity. This technology uses advanced algorithms to monitor students' behavior and detect potential cheating, helping ensure a fair and level playing field for all learners.

What are the limitations and drawbacks of smart proctoring?

Smart proctoring, sometimes referred to as automated online proctoring, has several limitations and drawbacks, such as concerns about privacy, potential bias, and technical issues. Some students may also find the monitoring process invasive or uncomfortable.

To tackle these issues, the algorithms and tools are continuously being developed and refined to be able to better distinguish between cheating behavior and innocuous actions. Additionally, all educational institutions should take steps to increase transparency and improve communication with students to address concerns about privacy and bias. 

How does smart proctoring ensure the privacy and security of student data?

Digiexam ensures the privacy and security of student data in smart proctoring in these key ways:
  1. Controlled Access: Schools control how proctoring features are configured, and data viewing rights are role-based within Digiexam.
  2. Selective Data Use: Personal data is used strictly for enabling and improving exams. Biometric data is only collected if explicitly enabled.
  3. Secure Video Streaming: Live video streams are encrypted, not stored, and accessible only by involved parties. Recorded video snippets are stored securely and decrypted only for authorized access.
  4. Secure Storage: All files, including videos and photos, are encrypted at rest in Google Cloud Storage servers. No personal metadata is stored with these files.
  5. Audio Protection: Audio is used only to detect noise or conversation, and is not stored separately from the video file.
  6. EU Data Storage: All data, processed by subprocessor MongoDB, is stored within the EU, benefiting from its robust privacy laws.

What our customers say

As the University continues to pursue a remote assessment strategy for all courses, confidence in the systems we use to support exam integrity is vital.

Maggie Gibson Birmingham City University

Digiexam receives a lot of attention in the south of Germany since a lot of people share the belief that it will be the only product that will meet the regulatory and data privacy requirements for future online testing.

Dr. Martin Franzen Aalen University

We have students all over Sweden and abroad and they need to be able to complete their exams regardless of location. Digiexam's proctoring solution has become a key success factor for us at FEI.

Magnus Rolf Företagsekonomiska Institutet

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