How a Remote Exam Software Works & Benefits

Niklas Vernersson
Niklas Vernersson

Businesses worldwide increasingly rely on digital technology to help them with their day-to-day operations, which formerly required a significant amount of manual labor. Not surprisingly, some parts of the educational system has also adapted well to this remote environment.

The future looks bright for online learning, with the worldwide e-learning sector expected to reach $325 billion by 2025. This revolutionary change is exemplified by the rise of online education tools such as virtual classrooms, live video lectures, and electronic examinations. But how can institutions of education efficiently and reliably hold tests online while ensuring their intergrity?

This is when remote proctoring or a remote exam software is beneficial. Read on to learn more about online proctoring, its importance for online education, and how a remote exam software works.


What is Remote Proctoring?

Let's start with the basics of remote proctoring before we get into the nitty-gritty of how it works. With remote proctoring, students can take exams from anywhere without compromising the integrity of the results. A proctoring software verifies a student's identification and keeps tabs on them through a camera and microphone. Video captured during a remote proctored exam can raise red flags for questionable behavior, which can prevent students from cheating during the exam.

Benefits of Remote Proctoring and an Exam Software

1. Easy To Set-up & Customize

The exam and proctoring software you choose is preferably integrated with your current learning management system, enabling data, such as grades to flow seamlessly. Having the proctoring tool in your exam software also gives you the freedom to easier combine proctoring with other exam software features such as assessment types, student computer lockdown, accessibility tools, and others.

2. A Fair Testing Environment
Proctored or remote exam software successfully establishes a level playing field for all students. While institutions can maintain their reputation and ensure the value of the education by making sure academic dishonesty is prevented and deterred.

3. Scalability
No matter if you want to conduct one exam or multiple, your exam software will expand your product and test capacity from local to worldwide to meet your demands while lowering
overhead expenses.

How a Remote Exam Software Works

As mentioned above, a remote exam software like Digiexam is extremely simple. All you need to do is create your exam, select the desired settings, and save the exam. After you’ve made all the changes and are happy with the exam, you need to start it to enable students to access and take it. A student needs to login into the portal (Digiexam student application) using their ID, verify their surroundings and start the exam. Once done, all you need to do is complete the assessment and click the exit button.

After the students have completed their exams, you’ll be able to view their submissions and grade their work while providing additional comments and summarizing your feedback using the remote exam software. After grading, you can send the results and feedback directly to the students with Digiexam.

Choose Digiexam To Get Started With Remote Proctoring

Online remote proctoring is the way of the future. Yes, remote exams are possible using automated proctoring solutions. It's a clever method to simplify remote exams and guarantee applicants go through a fair and controlled evaluation procedure. So, go ahead and organize online exams with Digiexam. Accept online remote proctoring to see a positive change in how you run examinations and assure objective participant evaluation.

1) Which software is used for an online exam?
To conduct a remote online exam, you could choose to add proctoring in a remote exam software, like Digiexam.

2) What is remote proctoring software?
A remote proctoring software enables students to take a test from a remote location while maintaining the exam's integrity.

3) What is a proctor software for exams?
Proctored tests are timed exams you take while a proctoring software monitors your computer's desktop, camera video, and audio. The data collected by the proctoring software can be viewed and analysed live or after the exam is completed.

4) Can online tests detect cheating?
Online exams can, in fact, identify cheating. Online proctoring software companies, such as Digiexam, provide a variety of anti-cheating strategies to forecast and prevent cheating incidents, ensuring the integrity, credibility, and validity of online tests.