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Move away from paper and enable online assessments with the Digiexam platform. Schedule an intro and explore the many advantages of online assessment tools.

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Examination vs. Assessment

The difference between examination and assessment

The key difference between an examination and an assessment is that an examination is a final product to measure and evaluate a set of objectives or a particular behavior, whereas an assessment is a procedure of evaluation rather than a product. Examinations can be said to be a type of assessment, and are in some instances used interchangeably with assessments.

In the end, their purpose is pretty much identical - evaluating the knowledge level of the student.

The rise of softwares for online assessments

Online assessments is the future of assessments

As costly pen and paper assessments have quickly become obsolete and inaccessible, the online assessment software has become an invaluable tool to ensure operations can continue as usual. With the Digiexam platform, you can easily create and manage examinations for students both during and after a course in a safe and secure digital environment.

Types of online assessments

Different types of assessments and their uses


As an educator, you most likely use a wide variety of different assessment methods to determine to which extent students have met your learning objectives. Most of these methods are still available to you online, using an online assessment software, however, they might need to be managed slightly differently. Furthermore, there are also several online assessment methods available to you that you previously may have never even considered


Before the start of the school year or when teaching a new subject, a pre-assessment will allow educators to learn more about the student’s current knowledge level. Students are not necessarily expected to know all about the topics and materials evaluated in this type of online assessment. However, it’s a good idea to perform a knowledge assessment to discover what they already know about certain topics/subjects that are a prerequisite for your course, for example in placement tests. These types of assessments mainly focus on more informal variables such as current knowledge levels or the preferred learning styles (visual, audio, text, etc.)

Formative assessment/examination

A formative assessment/examination is given during a course to determine how effective the students are learning from the material provided - in other words: a mid-course or mid-term test. These types of assessments are performed to measure the students’ level of knowledge mid term/course. Formative assessments are more often than not low-stakes, where the main purpose is to gain insight  into what parts of the material the students may struggle with and what parts you need to focus on to help them reach the curriculum's requirements for passing the final examination.

Summative assessment/examination

A summative assessment/examination is used to measure the students’ learning and reaction to what was taught after a specific period; what can also be referred to as a final examination at the end of a course or term. Similar to the formative assessment/examination, it’s an evaluative device to measure the student’s knowledge in a particular subject/domain and to grade /score it. However, whereas formative assessment is usually low-stakes, summative assessment is often high-stakes (a test with important consequences for the test taker).


Interested in knowing more?

The Digiexam online assessment platform

Built to power the new and more efficient world of learning

The Digiexam online assessment platform was built to power the new, better, and more efficient world of online learning. So you can focus on providing the best learning experience possible for the students.

Our platform and proctoring software are designed to safely and reliably power the whole examination lifecycle. With it, you are able to create both formative and summative assessment examinations while fully fortifying academic integrity and enhancing efficiency, while giving both students and teachers the best possible experience and prerequisites for success. 

Learn more about the Digiexam online assessment platform and how the online proctoring addon work.


What is an online assessment?

Online assessments are tests conducted online to test a person's skills and knowledge and can be supervised digitally. Compared to an examination, an assessment is more of a ​​evaluation rather than a final product. 

What is proctored assessment?

A proctored assessment is supervised by an authorized person who ensures the integrity of the environment and prevents cheating, which can b e done digitally with Digiexam.

What is an online assessment test?

Online assessments consist of questions to evaluate a person's knowledge. Doing assessments online with Digiexam allows a supervisor to monitor test takers and prevents cheating. 

What is online assessment in education?

Online assessments can be used for several purposes in education, and there are different types of assessments, for example: 

  • Pre-assessments to test students knowledge in the begging of a school year or course
  • Formative assessments , to test how effective the students are learning from the material provided.
  • Summative assessments , often the final examination of a course or term.

What our customers say

As the University continues to pursue a remote assessment strategy for all courses, confidence in the systems we use to support exam integrity is vital.

Maggie Gibson Birmingham City University

Digiexam receives a lot of attention in the south of Germany since a lot of people share the belief that it will be the only product that will meet the regulatory and data privacy requirements for future online testing.

Dr. Martin Franzen Aalen University

We have students all over Sweden and abroad and they need to be able to complete their exams regardless of location. Digiexam's proctoring solution has become a key success factor for us at FEI.

Magnus Rolf Företagsekonomiska Institutet

The most used digital assessment tool for the Swedish National Exams

More than a third of Sweden’s high schools and municipal adult education schools performed their National Exams in Swedish and English with the Digiexam platform.