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Digiexam's online exam platform enables AI and automation with “in-person” proctoring to ensure integrity and reliability.

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The importance of an online exam platform

The advancement into the digital era has been inevitable for organizations to prosper in today's times. The covid-19 pandemic fast-tracked this, making schools advance their current syllabus not only to face the immediate threat of the pandemic but also to build a system for the future.

The online mode of education is largely dependent on technology, and as a result, many educational institutions have transitioned to online test-taking (both remotely and on-premise) as opposed to traditional pen and paper examinations.

Why Digiexam for schools?

The Digiexam platform ensures everyone is given equal opportunities to take the exam. Our solution includes supportive features such as spell check, text-to-speech functionality, and the option to extend exam time.

With the Digiexam platform, you can easily create and manage examinations for students both during and after a course in a safe and secure digital environment.

Digiexam's testing platform

Consider using our testing platform. Digiexam's online exam platform offers a range of features including:

Read more about the features Digiexam's online exam platform here.

The most used assessment tool for the Swedish National Exams!

We are very proud to be the most used digital assessment tool! In the report from the Swedish National Agency for Education, a summary of the national exams that were performed digitally has shown that more than a third of the country’s high schools and municipal adult education schools performed their national exams in Swedish and English with Digiexam. Also among the Swedish schools that performed the national exams digitally with their 9th graders, Digiexam is a widely used platform with a fourth of the schools using us.

Another experience from the report is that a large number of schools in Sweden use digital assessment tools in their ordinary teaching. We think that this is great news and it connects well with our idea to support teachers by simplifying the assessment process, which saves valuable time for the teachers. From a student's perspective, using a digital tool enables them to perform under the best conditions when it matters the most.

Read more about how we are transforming exams here.

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Features of the Digiexam online exam platform

End-to-end exam management

An all-in-one platform to conduct, invigilate and evaluate exams. Verify the identities of the students before the exam. Monitor their activities on screen and their web camera during the exam. Download and review each student’s credibility report after the exam.

Device lockdown

Lock down the student’s device over the duration of the exam to prevent them from using anything but the chosen online resources provided.

Online & offline

In comparison to a browser-based exam environment, the Digiexam application offers full offline compatibility. Our platform can be trusted, regardless of internet connection.

Environment independent

Our platform runs perfectly both in managed environments and with BYOD setups. Digiexam is compatible with PC, Mac, Chromebooks, and iPads.


The Digiexam platform ensures everyone is given equal opportunities to take the exam. Our solution includes supportive features such as spell check, text-to-speech functionality, and the option to extend exam time.

Automatic & anonymous grading

Choose either to grade per student or per question. Anonymous grading and auto-correction of multiple choice and word gap-type questions are also available to speed up and simplify the grading process.

What our customers say

As the University continues to pursue a remote assessment strategy for all courses, confidence in the systems we use to support exam integrity is vital.

Maggie Gibson Birmingham City University

Digiexam receives a lot of attention in the south of Germany since a lot of people share the belief that it will be the only product that will meet the regulatory and data privacy requirements for future online testing.

Dr. Martin Franzen Aalen University

We have students all over Sweden and abroad and they need to be able to complete their exams regardless of location. Digiexam's proctoring solution has become a key success factor for us at FEI.

Magnus Rolf Företagsekonomiska Institutet

Why schools are switching to online examinations

Reduces carbon footprint

Online examinations have a positive impact on the environment. Pen and paper examinations not only require a lot of paper to print question and answer sheets, but it also requires the students and educators to be physically present, potentially resulting in an increased carbon footprint from the logistics of getting to and from the examination location.

Offers flexibility

Paper and pen exams have become obsolete because of the covid-19 pandemic. However, the online exam is here to stay - even after the pandemic has ended - due to the many advantages it holds over in-person, pen and paper, and physical examinations.

Saves time

Online exams not only save time for students by reducing the time it takes to write the exam and eliminating the time it takes to travel to and fro the examination location, but the educators also benefit greatly from the online setting and the features of the technology (such as automatic grading, reusing old test templates, etc.)

Saves money

Since everything is online, there are no associated printing or logistics costs. Educational institutions will also be able to save money on examination facilities and a reduced number of facilitators and invigilators to invigilate the exam. While an online exam will still require some expenses such as administration, and IT support, it’s dramatically less than that of a pen and paper exam.


For pen and paper examinations, the more people who will write the exam, the bigger the challenge to facilitate it. In comparison, an online examination system is very easy to scale. Setting up an exam for 10 or 1,000 students takes almost the same amount of time and effort.


Last but not least, online exams are convenient for everyone. Educators can create and re-use old shared templates from their colleagues, use automatic grading, as well as co-grade with colleagues. Students can select exam times that suit them best and since the exams are online, do it from pretty much anywhere. Students can also get their results almost instantaneously.


Security is and always has been a challenge with exams, especially with more high-stakes exams such as bar exams, SATs, or college/university final exams. While an online examination system is not perfect, they solve a majority of the challenges with cheating. There are fewer risks of leaks since there are no physical papers, randomly selected questions from question banks can be utilized, and features such as device lockdown, ID verification, and credibility reports ensure high exam integrity.