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John keynote Chatgpt and AI

ChatGPT - basics, impact & our view on the future of ai in education

During the largest education event in Sweden, John DiMaria held a keynote on ChatGPT and AI and its impact on education.

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AI and ChatGPT's impact on education - the role of an educator

Dr. Nick Jackson, John DiMaria, and Niklas Vernersson discuss AI's and ChatGPT's impact on education and the role of an educator. 

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How can AI and ChatGPT influence education?

Together with Erik Winerö, Suzanne Pathkiller, and John DiMaria, we took a deep dive into how AI and ChatGPT could influence education. The discussion was held in Swedish.

Resultat av att jobba med Digiexam

Results of working with Digiexam (real data and learnings)

(Video in Swedish) Niklas, Pelle and Carl analyze real customer results. They focus on learnings and key takeaways.
Buy or change exam platform

Strategy for digital exams - what to consider when buying or changing a platform

(Video in Swedish) Niklas, Carl, and Gustaf talk about different factors and reasons for when to buy or change your exam platform.
Från strategi till implementation

Strategy for digital exams - from strategy to implementation

(Video in Swedish) Niklas, Pelle, and Carl talk about how the overall strategy for digital exams influences the implementation of a platform.
Huvudmäns strategi för digtiala prov

Strategy for digital exams and how it affects Swedish National Exams?

(Video in Swedish) Niklas and Carl talk about how the overall strategy for digital exams affects the strategy for Swedish National Exams. 
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Strategy for digital exams

(Video in Swedish) Niklas and Carl discuss the overall strategy for digital exams. They tackle different approaches, what good conditions looks like and three key takeaways.
Webinar Online Proctoring vs Privacy-1

Online Proctoring vs Privacy

Listen in to Dr. Martin Franzen from Aalen University and Laura Slater from ONCAMPUS when they discuss their experiences regarding online proctoring.


0 - 20 000 online exams in 1 year

Our customer Aalen University and Dr. Martin Franzen, Digital Learning Manager shared their experiences and hybrid strategy when moving into online exams. 

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Online Proctoring vs Privacy